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You clearly aren't actually gay or Jewish, this is some of the most deranged trolling I have ever seen

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A very old troll that I recognised, vulptex is sleeping

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Have you looked at yourself lately? I am Gay. I am Jewish. I am sick of Niggers attacking my people. I am sick of my people kissing Nigger ass and getting shit on.

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So you are an Ashkenazi Jew who hates 'dago' and 'wop' Italians, despite Ashkenazi Jews being nearly half Italian? I didn't think anyone could possibly be this stupid, but you have managed to amaze me, congrats

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Gimme a break, Nell Carter! If the Jews were any part Italian, Hitler would’ve allied with us.

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Gimme a break, Nell Carter! If the Jews were any part Italian, Hitler would’ve allied with us.

Hitler didn't have DNA studies in his day, the Ashkenazim have very significant Italian DNA

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Then Hitler should’ve shoved Italians into his death camps instead of Jews. Then he would’ve been justified.

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“Deranged“ is an ableist slur, and you misidentifying my religion and sexual orientation is more bigotry. You’re making me want non-Gay white people to be enslaved along with Niggers.

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You're not gonna tell us about how NAACP is a jewish organization attempting to lump jews and blacks into the same victimization game? jews taught everyone about 'my lived experience' and 'critical race theory', but now you're upset that Ye acted on this and said some mean words about jewish millionaires.

Ye24- name your oppressors. It's okay to name the jew.

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Antisemitism is typical Nigger behavior which is why it is wrong. You don’t wanna be just another racist antisemitic Nigger like Kanye, do you?

It’s OK to name of the cause of antisemitism and homophobia. Name the Nigger and call him Nigger specifically for teaching you to hate Jews.

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I'll stand with a nigger before a kike any day. Niggers can perform physical labor and usually believe in Jesus Christ. You gay ashkenazi kikes are literally the synagogue of satan.

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God has a synagogue.

Satan has a church.

Beelzebub has a mosque.

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Jesus Christ is how Satan tricked the world into believing that he was good. Flannery O’Connor admitted this implicitly, if not explicitly, in the book Wise Blood and this carried over into the movie directed by John Huston. The main character rightly says “Jesus is just a trick on Niggers.“

Niggers are stupid and their belief in Christianity is proof of their stupidity. The fact that you would stand with those dirty shit skin Niggers over God’s chosen people proves that Christianity is the real church of Satan. Christianity is an oppressor class and Niggers are complicit in the war crimes of Christianity.

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You were chosen for exile and suffering, cocksucker. Israel existing is a sin against God.

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The Jewish God is God and Israel is the indigenous homeland of his chosen people. We will stop at nothing to keep Jewish land in the hand of Jews. Nothing.

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Have you tried not murdering journalists? It's really turning off the liberal Yankee jews.

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Have you tried not raping children you fucking breeder goy Nigger lover?

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Have you tried not making excuses for the homophobia and antisemitism of those dirty shit skin Niggers?

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homophobia and antisemitism are survival instincts. just because you hate yourself doesn't mean that it's appropriate for everyone.

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Gays and Jews are the moral and cultural backbone of Western civilization. If you oppose us, then we will bury you in a mass grave.

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Have you tried not printing blood libels in your so-called newspapers?