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Charlatan or not, he did found an important feild of study. I suppose you have to start somewhere.

Also, his nephew Edward Bernays wrote the first book on propaganda and founded the PR industry. He screwed the people of the planet to the nth degree. I suppose it was actually the Creel Commission, but he ran with the ball.

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Charlatan or not, he did found an important feild of study.

Nah that was Jung, Carl Jung.

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Are you certain of that?

My understanding was Freud started it and then contacted Jung. Later Jung made some of it more scientific.

Freud was essentially going off of his intuitions, and sort of making it up as he went, but some people still subscribe to his ideas.

IMO it's the least scientific of the sciences, and "advances" in this science are more a function of new ideas from influencial members of the community, than actual peer reviewed and double blind tested evidence. So, it really hasn't changed that much.

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Freud is psychoanalytical and Jung is analytical psychology.

What is the difference between Freud and Jung?

  • Both Freud and Jung believed that the human psyche is made up of three components.

  • While Freud divided the psyche the unconscious, preconscious, and the conscious, Jung divided as the ego, the personal unconscious, and the collective unconscious.

  • The main difference, when it comes to the psyche, is the inclusion of the collective unconscious by Jung.

  • Both considered dream analysis as important but Jung believed that all dreams do not derive its meaning from sexual associations and can have creative implications that go beyond the past to the future.

  • Jung rejected the concepts of Oedipus and Electra complex in psychosexual stages.

  • Freud’s association of Libidinal energy with the sexual instinct was rejected and given a broader meaning by Jung.

Although Freud kinda copied his advancedments that remained in Jung's theories from the French and other people he studied under (Said the OP article). SO basically Freud was good for getting Jung to work.

But then again, even Jung only treated women and married one patient and cucked her with another. But atleast Jung was honest to where his thoughts truely came from.

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Oedipus, Electra, cocaine, 'n cuckin.

They were a couple of wild and wacky psychosexualists.
-Bet they had crazy parties.

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Apparently you failed to read the OP title accurately, it says psychoanalysis not psychology.

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Thanks for noticing that. I've recently started practicing at failing.
Apparently, I'm starting to get the hang of it, so that's good news.

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To summarize this and other reading on the subject: the young Freud was a bundle of neuroses, phobias, and complexes, then he found cocaine and went entirely off the rails. He insisted that his followers believe him totally or be expelled from his circle. In short, he became a megalomaniac. Today most psychologists dismiss his theories, except those psychoanalysts who make a fortune by listening to their patients babbling on about their mothers for fifty minutes once a week.

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To understand psychoanalysis the word must be parsed into it's individual phonetic components. Psycho anal y sis ...???

I'm not sure what to make of this break down? It's straight-forward, yet somehow confusing. I'll leave it to wiser men than I, to crack this mystery.