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We all know the deep state and the CIA are interested in the astral plane and they have researched things like psychic abilities before. I think we should know if this document is legit or not.

The document says that the CIA has been experimenting and may have even actually found a way to access what many religions describe as the root or what Jung might call the "mind of god" a place where the physical and the psychological archetypes mix but it can't quite be considered either of the two and in which all knowledge of the past, present and future is stored.

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It is always interesting to see/read just how a CIA or similar mentality will try to explain such phenomena as out of body experiences. It is also humorous.

In the late sixties the CIA seriously experimented with people who might have had the ability to "see" things outside their normal sensory environment. The CIA specifically was interested in whether any of those individuals could "see" into the Soviet Union and its possible ICBM facilities. Some documents were declassified in the eighties and reported in Harpers Magazine, one of the most reputable magazines in the US. The results seemed to indicate that some of the subjects were indeed able to verify some information obtained by overflights of Soviet facilities. So the CIA apparently agrees that clairvoyance is real in some cases, with some people. Now I think they rely on google maps and satellites. Just read what I wrote and it sounds like I have a stick up my butt. Take a few puffs of DMT or try some Ayahuasca. That'll show you where you're at.