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All that Pharaonic symbology openly displayed in France, is chilling. Boats like the one he shows were found in the tombs of Pharaohs, supposedly to carry them to the afterlife. Please do not think the narrator is a crackpot, because he is not at all imo. I do not claim to understand all of what he is talking about, especially his Russia/Ukraine analysis, but what I do know a bit about really fits in tightly and frighteningly with his theories.

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yeah, it made me rewatch 'i pet goat'

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When I get stressed I watch Happy Tree Friends or on HookTube, but YouTube has the better selection. About three minutes per episode.

You know, I've only watched half of the link, but that is enough for a day or so, then I'll watch the rest. Those images really got me and he can put out a lot of info, fast. I've heard this theory of some kind of link between that past and the present before, but it suddenly is starting to make sense. Thanks for posting and try just one Happy Tree Friends.

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just one Happy Tree Friends.

nope :-))

watching this instead

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Just watched it. Do you know why he was in lock up for six months? He has no love for the Swiss, eh? The octogon. I appreciate these links and it has given me a whole new outlook.

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exactly because of his yt videos

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I've been watching his channels more. Thanks for telling me about him.