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Please stop associating LGB people with QT+ people just because QT+ likes to insert themselves into the LGB narrative. Fuck QT+ tumblr extremists and assholes on the internet. Don't blame LGB people for their shit (E.G. using hormones).

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transgenderism exploded recently because of influence from tumblr which bled into the mainstream media and education. before that, rates of transgender diagnoses were steady. a lot of autistic teenagers are being misdiagnosed and scammed.

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Those poor kids, being used as pawns. Some of them are going to be absolutely livid when they figure out what's been done to them, under someone else's banner of madness.

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LGB numbers have been steady. It's all the other letters of the personality worded as a sexuality alphabet that's really increased. We LGBs are trying our best to not get associated with this. All the TQ stuff has nothing to do with us.

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We have never seen anything like this before. This not natural. This is not genetic.

If you get an atypical amount of prenatal testosterone for your sex, you'll end up gay. The number hasn't really changed over the past few decades, what's happened is that everyone with same sex experience in their youth is saying they are bi and it's boosting the lgb numbers.

You can make gay animals in a lab by farting around with their fetal hormone exposure. We've known how this works so nice the fifties, I'm baffled that anyone thinks we dont know how it happens.

As for the T: almost 3% of adult males in the west are closet crossdressers and have been forever. What's happening now is every transvestite in town is saying they are trans, and a shit load if gullible teenagers are being suckered into this via the internet.

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If you get an atypical amount of prenatal testosterone for your sex, you'll end up gay.

It might predispose them. But there are a lot of years before children even know what sexual attraction is. humans aren't lab animals either. I mean some animals can switch between male and female and some males can have babies in some animals. obviusly that is not possible for human males to have babies.

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I mean some animals can switch between male and female

Not mammals.

If you look at the MRI studies the brains of gay people are different. That kind of wiring is a response to prenatal testosterone.

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If you looks the brains of a lot of people they are all different...I'm not sure the sample size was large enough for that study you are reffering to. being homosexual will certainly make changes in your brain...Seems like something to further say "gay people born like that" they can't help it. It's bullshit!

I'm not a scientist but there are usually always holes in these studies...

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Part of it is a fad, (I'm special, look at me!) part of it is that the medical establishment makes big money off transitioners, for the entirety of their lives, still another part is media and corporations trying to look cool and "woke" by catering to what they think will generate more revenue for them.

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Plus the communist propaganda and destruction of family agendas. It's all a rich man's trick as usual.

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The rise is indeed due to the increasing amounts of estrogen mimicking compounds that continue to taint our existence as a species. The most difficult part of the situation is to know the truth and yet see those severely affected follow like sheep into the clutches of the medical racket. They are nothing more than Walking cash generators to them. And they are often the ones pandering these artificial hormone mimicking compounds. See a trend here? Not to mention the agriculture industry is intertwined with the pharmaceutical industry. As an organic farmer, I can attest that the amount of vaccines used in even organic animals is outright disgusting and ridiculous. Non-organic farmers use antibiotics as growth hormones (look up payleen). The pharma industry makes so much money off of agriculture, and agriculture in turn provides the raw material for their sickening hormones and drugs. As a producer of animal products and an experienced agronomist, I can verify that the taint is disgusting and ever-present.

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thanks for organic farming. I live by the coast so the runoff from the entire country is down here lol. I wish I could check the nitrates in the tap water.

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My friend, I'm not sure if you want to know. You'll find more than nitrates: potassium salts, glyphosate, 2, 4D, and others. The Southern coast on the golf is particularly nasty.

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oh lord...

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Your best solution is a water purifier. Bottled water is wasteful, expensive in the long term, and is usually just tap water anyway. Good luck on the journey of health and healing. Though we are few, we can find strength in each other. And that is what makes us strong.

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thanks I already got a five stage reverse osmosis but the water is so bad it ruins it very fast and i'm poor so can't afford another one right now. Also, the water has chloramine instead of chlorine. I got a big filter for that but if your not carefull watching will go bad and start releasing amonia that is seprated from chlorine in the carbon filter in low amounts that are harmful but you can't taste.

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Everything you said is true. Have you tried collecting rain water? You'll start with a purer source and it will take less effort from your system to purify it.

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Yeah I could do that. Saddly, Even if you don't use the tap water the city still makes you pay for it. If you don't have city water power and try to "live off grid" they will condemn your home.

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I understand. It's the same around here in Southern Ohio. If you want, you can still be connected but use nothing. You can always use the city power to balance your system if you produce too much demand. Is the water tax high?

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Watch the last video I posted. Lbgt is a Trojan horse to implement strong ai, and give it citizenship like sofia in Saudi Arabia. They want to push us away from nature and nobody does a better job explaining this then young pharaoh. Enjoy

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holyshit it's the black alex jones.

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Lower prenatal androgen exposure has detectable effects on baby boys -- notably for purposes of this study, it shrinks their taints (the balls move closer to the anus). Among Scandinavian boys (and I'd bet throughout the Western world), taints are shrinking. Some scientists surmise that exposure to estrogen-mimicking derivatives from plastics has caused this effect.