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In 2001, how many people in the immediate area do you think had access to video recording equipment, including the media on which to record the video, during the relatively short time in which the attacks took place? How many of those people would have randomly been recording the world trade center when the first plane hit? How many of those would have even been in the correct position to see the plane? How many would have guessed that there would be a second plane and would have been in the correct position to see that one?

I’d say the amount of footage we have is pretty reasonable given the circumstances.

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all that is covered in the video. you obviously didn't watch it.

if you DO watch it... i don't think you would be able to disagree. :D

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I watched to the 5 minute point. Guy seems like an image obsessive, and hasn't made his case yet. Watched a couple more minutes, and he keeps going on about "how many people heard about this in the first 10 minutes".

I'm anticipating that he would go on to say X percentage of those people are also imaging obsessives, and would be randomly recording whatever they see.

Skipped though the rest in a few minutes. It all comes down to him thinking everyone should be thinking and acting like him, meaning they would be taking photos and video of the twin towers. I don't find this theory very compelling.

Let me know if I missed a critical part.

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Your not ready for the info. thats fine. :D

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I might be ready for it this morning...

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do watch it... itll be interesting seeing how you react when you realize how wrong you were.

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Is there a timestamp for the big reveal? 72 minutes of that is more than I'm up for.

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he doesnt say 'ze plane'. just sayin.

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It's onomatopoeia because of his accent. There is a Mandela Effect here, a lot of people remember him saying "Boss! The plane, the plane!" But he doesn't say boss. At least not in this reality.

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It's onomatopoeia because of his accent.

not really. ive been rewatching all the old episodes and the intro is the same on all of them. it doesnt even remotely sound close to 'ze plane'. mandela effect is dumb as shit, but it doesnt even apply to this one. whoever did that meme failed.

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mandela effect is dumb as shit,

It's a lot more compelling in universe 532 where the time spiders eat people. Here we just say nuh uh, "it's berenstein bears."

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im more hoping that the old gods wake up and wipe everyone out. maybe we can get a 'dagon vs cthulhu' for ufc 300.