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Hey guys can you shed some insight on this. Kirsch who writes the linked article above has found a study on the inactive virus vaccine causes blood sugar to rise into prediabetic levels (42 nmol/l < HbA1c level < 47 nmol/l). The inactive virus vax contains all other proteins(eg Envelope, Nucleocapsid, etc) besides S-protein based vaccines used in NATO countries. Kirsch suspects the insulin effect is S-protein related, but imho it's speculation until we see some more pointers; I believe his hunch will prove true, but it's a low confidence guess.

Can you guys read the article and let me know what you think?

If anyone knows someone who is prediabetic or diabetic and vaccinated, are they experiencing any blood sugar or insulin resistance issues ?

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I think its more about fucking your capacity to regulate it.

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That does not surprise me. Diabetes is an autoimmune disorder. Any vaccine can trigger any type of autoimmune disorder, but the more toxic it is, the more likely it is to trigger them. The covid clot shot is the most toxic "vaccine" the world has ever seen.