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You know, you're technically right (speaking in terms of both the Matrix Morpheus & the god Morpheus). Morpheus appeared in the dreams of those he wanted to manipulate.

This first part is well-known, but Morpheus was the God of Sleep & Dreams; Morpheus didn't wake people up from dreams, or give sleep to the sick/needy/tired (his father, Hypnos actually did this.. Hypnos would bring the depressed, neurotic, traumatized & insomniacs to his grotto by the river Lethe, or "river of forgetfulness"), Morpheus in the Matrix doesn't care about waking mankind up either - he only cares about a selfish mission given to him by someone higher, and that's to get Neo to believe he's the one so Neo can "wake up mankind".

As I said before, Morpheus (the god) is the son of Hypnos, who's twin brother was Thanatos, the God of Death. They almost always worked together whenever they're mentioned or depicted; Hypnos tried to heal the sick/wounded with poppy flowers (His Roman counterpart is Somnus, named after P. Somniferum, the Opium Poppy Flower, which is the symbol and sacrifice used for both of them), and Thanatos would collect the souls his brother couldn't save, to transport them. Thanatos is one of the few portrayals of a Death God who does not take pleasure in the death of Humans and is always depicted helping his brother, or being displeased when a human is sick/wounded/isn't getting better/has to pass on. He & Hypnos respected mankind, despite their parents being Nyx, (the night, who was there for the beginning of creation itself like her husband, who both had no respect for humans or the "new gods". Nyx was feared by even Zeus), and Erebus, who too was there for the beginning of creation, and is the God of Pure Darkness and the Shadows, born out of the chaos that was a byproduct of creation.

They have two ill-willed/nefarious parents who are "high gods/goddesses", part of the few who are high on the creation totem pole & are considered royalty among the gods, yet their two children are some of the most humble and good-willed gods. I always found this pair of God's stories interesting compared to the rest of the Greek/Roman Gods.

Morpheus the God, however, did deceive & manipulate humans for the purpose of others (such as God/Goddesses). He would appear in their dreams to manipulate them (sometimes torment them with his other brothers). He doesn't care about their well-being, like Hypnos & Thanatos (the fucking personification of death), aka his father & uncle, did. Hypnos and Thanatos both, were depicted as being on the battle-field during the Battle of Troy, as well as in Homer's book, part XIV of the Iliad. And even though Hypnos was on the side of the Greeks during that battle, he treated & helped both sides equally, and so did his brother, finding a loophole in Hera's arrangement with him which was part of the reason he was on the Battlefield.

There's nothing about Morpheus being human oriented like that. So Morpheus is an interesting name choice for the character in the Matrix based on the actions of the God he's supposedly based off of.

Sry 4 the sperg-sesh, I find these two interesting!

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Wow, highly informative, I knew he was supposed to be some kind of Dream deity, but did not have the whole picture of the mythology, thanks for sharing that.

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Honestly, I'm sorry again for the sperg-sesh, I was high lol. Had just smoked my morning joint!

I read your thread title and I was like "yo, this dude is actually right if you really think about it, and the directors/Mario Bros did everything in the OG Matrix with purpose" - They could have named Morpheus, "Hypnos" instead, if that was the character he was supposed to be and portray (a warrior for humans, who wakes them from their sleep, heals them, and is on their side). Obviously he wasn't!

I'm high right now too, so it's liable to happen again. I can't sleep and I'm having super bad brain-zaps/partial seizures!! When I get high and I see someone talking about philosophy or neuroscience, I talk too much :) I studied Neuropsychology for Uni (just about finished), and I find it to be very useful info being an epileptic, so I read about it/new studies that are constantly coming out for fun.

Sorry again!

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No need to apologize, I enjoy my marijuana as well :) Always enjoy a good philosophical discussion too.

Congrats on Uni, my degree is in computer science, so I know how much hard work it is to finish a degree in the sciences/STEM in general. Neuropsychology is a subject I have some interest in myself, I'd love to pick your brain sometime when when I am less tired.

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Congrats on Uni, my degree is in computer science, so I know how much hard work it is to finish a degree in the sciences/STEM in general

Likewise, I agree! I'm jealous of you, my brain just doesn't work that way, I have a brother studying Computer Science now and he's getting pretty far in, a lot of that shit is just beyond me. I fucking hate math and coding. I really respect people who are able, and are good at doing it. I envy people who understand math, enjoy it, think that way and actually get it.. Math is magic..

I'd love to pick your brain sometime when when I am less tired.

please enable me!!!!!

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One is dayquil and the other is nyquil

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More likely one is testosterone and one is estrogen.

The Wachowski brothers chose wrong.

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Lmao, you might be on to something here, hadn't considered that angle

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Red and blue are common colors. I feel like the "trans metaphor" story was made up so they could get some PC points, because there's not even a hint of it in the actual movies.

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if one had to choose two colors it makes sense red and blue would get picked. Only black and white pills might have made more sense but they probably thought that'd be racist back then or something. The interesting thing is using pills in the first place, definitely was making some sort of commentary on big pharma. It was referencing Alice in Wonderland but she ate things and drank things in order to go to wonderland, why not use that, food or drinks?

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I want the purple one with codeine and promethazine instead.

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The latest Matrix movie revealed that the choice between red and blue is an illusion. There are multiple more choices but of course the elites made society believe there is only two choices in life. They revealed Morpheus that was created in the modal to be both a symbol of Morpheus and Agent smith. Good and Evil, Truth and deceit.

Choice itself is an illusion. one side says YES, other side says NO. But there is also MAYBE, Possibly, Could Be. This is the path to a free thinking that the elites hate for us to be.

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While my post was meant to be satirical, I think you are correct on the message of the newest film

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He's an agent of the matrix who brings people who figure out the matrix into a fake real world so they think they've woken up when they're actually still in the matrix.

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Basically. He's given a mission: to find Neo. That's all he cares about (even if it costs lives, even if it costs a ship that could rescue other sleeping humans or defend Zion). He's not focused on, and doesn't see his job/mission as waking up other humans. He was told by someone higher (the oracle), to find Neo and wake him up. So Neo could wake up/save the humans. His job was to manipulate Neo into believing he was "The One", so he'd sacrifice himself and reset the Matrix.

The real God, Morpheus, didn't help humans either. He appeared in their dreams to manipulate them for personal gain (or the gain of others).

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maybe that's why they just got a new actor for him in the new movie, he's "two faced", is lying and shouldn't be trusted etc.