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Interesting points. I don't know if the main thesis is true, because Dems have had great difficulty challenging the radical right for 4 decades. Dems are not unified in what they want. There are many Dems who are centrists. I for example would only agree with abortion laws that allow abortion in the 1st trimester. When the Supreme Court allowed Texas to have abusive abortion laws that violate human rights, that did not push Dems to do anything substantial, whereas that was the moment the Supreme Court started the process of violating women's rights to their own bodies. It's really frustrating that most Dems won't do much to improve human rights in the US. A radical right Supreme Court (not 'conservative') will make the US a medieval theocratic embarrassment, so that GOP/Big Corp/1% can continue the grifting of the 99%. Dems are too busy navel-gazing to realize that they are losing this class warfare. The GOP supporters are - on the other hand - like sheep electing wolves to look after them.

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Dems have had great difficulty challenging the radical right for 4 decades

Name one issue the 'radical right' has won on in 4 decades.

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Too much to count.

Packing the Supreme Court with 3 GOP hacks during Trump years

Giving themselves $trillians in tax breaks and government handouts during the same period

Texas abusive abortion law and Supreme Court support for it

Citizens United

and so much more

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Those aren't radical right issues. The 'radical right' would never nominate a black pope supporting catholic with black adopted pets as Justice. All three of the recent supreme court Justice additions are controlled and groomed for the role of controlled opposition by the uni party elites that manage and condition the western population towards slavery.

Giving themselves $trillians in tax breaks and government handouts during the same period

That's just standard graft common with both wings of the uni party.

The radical right isn't radically pro life or pro choice. Dissidents are pro life for whites and we want non whites to govern themselves in their own countries.

Citizens united was a weak attempt to get corporations out of elections. That use to be a liberal platform position. How is it 'radical right'?

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I don't know why you seem to think the GOP are not the radical right, particularlly in recent years. They were no longer 'conservative' with Reagan was elected, and since then have become much more radicalized, politicizing everything and destroying institutions in the US in the process. The Texas abortion law and Supreme Court support for it, and now the RvW draft decision, all of this is part of the theocratic radicalization of the GOP, and so many other approaches, some of which I note. It's 4-decade old problem that most people seem to know about (regardless of political party). You don't have to argue with me about it. You can easily find more information about this radical right and its abuses here:

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Someone whose politics makes the USSR look conservative by comparison has no place lecturing others on radicalism. Republicans aren't Far-Right. You're just Far-Left.

Oh look, you're banned, fucktard. Bahahaha...

Shouldn't you be out protesting, pinko?

Also, thanks for wasting hundreds of hours of your life here. The more time you spend here shitting up the place, the less time you're doing anything dangerous, like indoctrinating kids.

Sayonara, sucker!

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pretty much all orchestrated

LibsofTikTok, Elon Musk, Ministry of Truth to stir up the Republicans

and then this shit to stir up the Dems

In the end, you vote back and forth between child rapists

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I had considered this myself. Good post. I'm afraid I don't have much to add. The timing is really odd. I mean, Republicans were looking pretty to wash over the nation. They could have done whatever then, now this is a reminder why that's a bad idea for some of the moderates who fled the liberal party.

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yes. this is what is going on.

everything is like this.

i see very little real events .. none in the msm

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I've heard that theory and I just don't buy it. The decision would have come out in a month or so, and the Dem's reaction would have been the same. There was nothing to be gained by leaking it, other than to hope the outcry from the left pressures at least one justice to change their mind in a split 5/4 decision before the decision is official.

By leaking it, the clerk's legal career is definitely over, and he might also end up in jail. Even a dipshit lefty wouldn't do that just to give some empty suit running for re-election a poll bump.

Why would the Supreme Court strike down the holiest of rulings to liberals right now?

In one word? Science.

This issue came before the court because the left challenged a Mississippi law that says the point of viability, before which abortion cannot be legally obstructed under Roe v Wade, is now 15 weeks instead of the original 20 weeks.

Many leftists have never read the original Roe vs Wade opinion and don't even know what it says. They think it prevents abortion from being banned, which it explicitly does not. It only restricts it prior to the point of viability, when a fetus can survive outside of the womb with the aid of medical science. That was essentially the court's litmus test for determining when human life began legally, and therefore when the laws against murder and apply to the fetus. The ruling satisfied no one, but it was the best they could come up with in the 70s.

The only hitch is medical science has improved a lot since the 70s. Now, the point of viability is much earlier, so Mississippi went and made it official.

So the court had to either:

  1. ignore science and rule against Mississippi
  2. rule in favor of Mississippi and restrict abortion nationwide by acknowledging the new 15 week threshold
  3. completely overturn Roe v Wade on the grounds that the ruling makes no sense in its core, and let states handle it

It looks like a majority of the justices wisely chose the third option.

The left is freaking out because, quite simply, they're idiots, and don't actually understand the law or what is is they're protesting. The court's ruling is the best-case option for them, because it allows the "pro-choice" crowd to effectively have all the abortions they want in states they control, while allowing pro-life states to end a practice they view as murder.

In other words, for the left, nothing really has changed for them. Life has only gotten better for the right, and that's what they're so angry about. Someone somewhere is doing something they don't like, and that offends the leftist ego that knows no bounds.

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I hope it works. The worst case scenario is for the left to be able to pass the baton to the controlled opposition. They need to hold it all through the collapse. I don't want the US to go to war under a Republican. If they want to do a war, they must spend their brand credibility on it.