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yeah, fuck all of this. No more vaccines, no gene tech, none of it,

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when do they start dying?

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Nanochip thing is probably fake news inserted by the government to throw you off the real conspiracy.

"Masks are dangerous" is literally speech inserted by the government.

Biowarfare expert Robert Kadlec of the HHS and Trump admin helped orchestrate the release of COVID-19 and monkeypox. He stopped the production of N95 masks and ran Crimson Contagion just before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Then the vaccine company he consulted for (Emergent BioSolutions) got a large contract to be the primary manufacturer for the J&J and Astra COVID-19 vaccine. Another vaccine company he consulted for (Bavarian Nordic) got to be the first company that was FDA approved for the monkeypox vaccine in 2019.

Trumpers hate vaccines, but Trump was the one who brought in the ultimate vaccine and Big Pharma guy into his administration in 2017. I guess Trump sheep don't really pay attention.

Dems and Republicans worked together to create a dynamic where "masks/vaccine are bad" (although COVID-19 vaccines seem ineffective anyhow) to let the virus spread (more fear, more vaccine customers). Then force the vaccine on the population due to compliance from the sheep.

There's no nanotech or CRISPR conspiracy behind the vaccines. The basic logic, science and logistics doesn't work out. It would also be a gigantic waste of money.

Nanoparticles in the bloodstream eventually travel to the liver, for instance, and end up getting cleared by the system. There's also no method of electronically controlling or activating nanochips. Nanochips need to be connected to an external power source or electrodes. At best, maybe they can make some sort of nano-sized RFID tag, but even then there's no way of preventing it from getting cleared by the system. The expense would also be ridiculous and Big Pharma's in it to make money, not go broke.

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Pharma is in it to open niche markets. And yes, they are using CRISPR cas9 tech. It is in the vials and independently verified all around the world by microscopists with electron microscopes. They idea is to slice DNA strands and replace with new strands with unknown codes.