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Also - why did the devil retroactively make WEF the place where elites meet to conspire and not Bilderberg? It was Bilderberg for a long while but then the devil did a ret-con and made it so WEF was actually the important one, and Bilderberg was a red herring.

Why did the devil put so much effort into Bilderberg if his 6000 year old plan was just going to ret-con WEF into the big deal later?

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If you will please join me in flipping to page 111 of your copy of Bill Cooper's Behold A Pale Horse, you'll see that "Senate Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1991 (S.B. 2834)" made George Bush the first American king.

Incredible! What a blunder by the devil to totally forget that he had made George Bush into the first American king! How did the devil forget that he did that? It's mind blowing to go back over old conspiracy material to learn how the devil changed his plan over the years

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Probably because he doesn’t know the future and, contrary to what his flunkies think, he is not a god.

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Wow but the six thousand year old plan which involved covid vaccines (before immunology existed) and currencies (before banking existed) somehow didn't involve knowledge of the future?

Are you trying to tell me that the devil is just flapping in the wind, improvising, making it all up as we go along? Why on earth did the devil improvise a North American Union complete with new Amero currency and NAFTA superhighways - but then abandon that part of the plan?

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Angels are more clever than humans. If he was just the smartest man in existence he wouldn’t have flunkies who think he’s a god. He doesn’t have any control. When God gives him permission to do the great tribulation then he can. Until that happens he can just choose certain of his flunkies as potential antichrists. If God didn’t keep extending the time of mercy we would have long been in hell. You’ll know it’s time when you see the cross in the sky, which scientists will explain away. Then his current antichrist flunky can step in and pretend to be the messiah.

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Wow it sounds like there's literally zero need to ever worry about the deepstate, the elite, the satanists or any illuminati plot, if what you say is true.

Actually because God hadnt decided to put a cross in the sky yet for any year up to 2023, there was never any point worrying about continuity of government UN conspiracies under Clinton, the OKC bombing, 9/11 or the wars under Bush, nor any need to panic about Obama smelling of sulphur or the collapse of the dollar in 2008, nor the North America Union, no need to ever worry about the pedophile deepstate in the trump years or now, and actually this whole subsaidit should be shut down, until such a time, as there appears an easily explainable cross in the sky.