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I got a better idea. Become Christian and stop sinning. That is the the main thing that will protect you from the beast or give you the courage to die a martyr.

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the freedom truck movement thing that happened (Were they even real?)

Ask /u/JasonCarswell.

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I know Toronto (and perhaps Montreal?) are fully in bed with that global shit based on the freedom truck movement thing that happened (Were they even real?) they sure disbanded pretty quickly. (whistles)

There is no escape in Canada. You might find refuge in Mexico for a while, but the global plan is for everywhere in time.

The movement is real. The catalyst and timing were not.

They have the monopoly on violence. We were peaceful. Their actions discredit them and our points were proven. We won. The world sees that the emperor wears no clothes.

Run away or stand your ground, the choice is yours. IMO, it makes sense to have the most resources, including networks, local knowledge, etc. It may be better to stay put and defend then run away and be weaker in a new setting with no connections.

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I lived in Fernie for a while and Vernon as a child.

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What do you mean Catalyst and timing were not? Does that have to do with the timing belt of the trucks?

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Trucker convoy protests are NOT new. Australia had one half a year earlier and they've been utilized all over the world. Some may be organic and some manufactured psyops to centralize power. I believe the Canadian convoy was a bit of both. I feel the "blockade" was not organic either. Many of those who started it have not been seen since. The police blocked the roads far better than we could ever have done. It seems extremely likely that the blockade escalated faster and more intensely than they anticipated, a week early, and Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act well after the "emergency" was already over - thus foiling the "legitimacy" of their plan they surely had ready all along.

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I believe some magical self aware AI isn't worth the fear. The real AI we have now is already destroying society. It is more commonly referred to as boring old machine learning. It is a dangerous weapon which has replaced all the "think tanks". You collect data for it, and propose talking points and political moves and it will tell what percent of the population will accept being being put into cages without opposition, based on those. It is the reason why people fall for such dumb nonsense; they have weaponized exploiting the public, their fears, their lack of knowledge, and their easily manipulated minds. When google knows what news you've seen, what books you've read, what videos you've watched, then sell that to those who would pump that data into machine learning, then they know what you know and can predict how you might respond to situations based on that.

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This generation trusts computers WAY too much. It's one thing to use them but to put your whole faith in them. 🤮

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Piss on NWO. They live and grow off our fear. Pretend you haven't pissed in a werk, and NWO is over there. Piss on them for 3 hous. Enjoy: