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great post. not gone through all the links yet. but felt like adding #bitcoinfixeseverything

Bitcoin is the ONLY hope we have now

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Ya but they control the exchanges and wallstreet is already in there manipulating prices. Plus the FED has already said they will ban all competition to their central bank coin.

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Plus the FED has already said they will ban all competition to their central bank coin.

this is WHY bitcoin is so important. they CAN'T ban it. they can't inflate the money supply, they can't manipulate the code. Bitcoin is Borderless, DECENTRALISED!, permissionless... it's the first time in human history that we the people have a form of money that can't be manipulated or controled by the monarchy/banks/church etc.

bitcoin is more than money also. there are so many facets to the blockchain and how it will change the world for the better, it's truly revolutionary. take for example, oil and gas flaring. the amount of fuel that is simply burned on a daily basis due to flaring can be redirected into securing the bitcoin blockchain via mining. i can't remember which company it was specifically but you could read about it in a fidelity report. the tldr was this gas company redirected its WASTE product, Gas that was simply flared off into the atmosphere adding to whatever polution and waste the planet does in search of greed. and turned that waste product into bitcoin! they made something ridiculous like 11 years net profit in 12 months gas flaring. turning WASTE into bitcoin! and thats just one example.

the biggest benefit to humanity is the fact that its decentralised. and can't be fucked with by TPTB. they absolutely HATE bitcoin. WEF and the world banks etc will do whatever they can to discredit and kill bitcoin. sadly for them they can't. the best hope we have is that we the people realise its importance before the ruling class does!!!

stack sats. DYOR and it will change your life also for the better.

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Crypto does have it's flaws and issues, but is the only real currency option once the IOU printers are hung for their crimes against humanity.

But crypto will have huge challenges if it does become king. Rothschild owns an estimated 40+% of the world's wealth and will just become 50+% owner of a crypto and rule it. It has no mechanism to stop currency monopoly issues. Plus the vulnerability we have of all the middle man exchanges and transaction points being controlled and/or taxed the shit out of. And I mined Eth for quit some time and got out because it was such a scam. They manipulate the price of the coin by manipulating the payout to the miners.

And of course we all know the evil in this world would love for us to have a chip in our hand and all that comes with that dystopian nightmare.

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They are ignorant motherfuckers!

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They think they are so smart they can take over as God. I think they created the virus and the MRNa vaccines were to be their big showcase of their knowledge and ability. And it failed horribly. The vax being a depopulation method doesn't make sense logically knowing they want to roll out this tech. It doesn't make sense to make everyone distrust it. They have been writing the science narrative so long that they started believing their own BS. DNA is the memory plans for proteins. They are not the be all and end all of life, that is a deception of those that think with a pure materialist mindset.

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the general public still thinks the vaccines were/are completely safe. they don’t distrust anything unless a news anchor tells them EXACTLY what to distrust.

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Cool post, just getting in and reading it, gonna take awhile but the thought process is very interesting. Oligarchs attempting to highjack DNA isn't at all too bizarre to be true. We already know they'll do anything to stay rich, even if that means altering the genetic path of the human race in cataclysmic ways...

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Which way
- are you heading?
- do you prefer to head for?

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No matter really. Behind the curtain the same rulers will control the world government that have controlled every government and institution in history. And they already control genetics.