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What very few people indeed understand is that reality is entirely separate from our infinite conceptions of reality. We possess and have described countless ideas about what reality is, but all that is mind activity, nothing more and nothing less. Reality is what is in front of us in this instant. As such, it is constantly changing and impossible to define, yet far simpler than the many constructs our mind is designed to create - and obsessed with creating. We do not understand reality, because in order to understand something, one needs to be outside the system so as to define that system and recognize its limits and description. Life instead for each individual is a lifelong Schrodinger's Cat experiment, flavored with Schrodinger's paradox.

When we flow with this fascinating process we call life and cease to expect to understand it, only then can we catch glimpses of the incredible beauty of this show we are all co-experiencing while also co-creating. Existence is the miracle. Learning to appreciate that changes a life forever.

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Oh I understand how hard it gets to explain reality. I got into occult alchemy type stuff for a long while and behold all their secrets LOL. No just joking, but I did find the fascination and respect of the beauty of nature and trying to understand where we are, practiced secretly all through history. Seemed to me like something more people need exposed to the pure mystery of it all. May make the world a better place.

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You're fooled. /r/EscapingPrisonPlanet

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If you imagine your reality as being a prisonplanet your wish will be fulfilled. If you believe anything the corporations tell you then their wish will be fulfilled.

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That's not my wish, that the ugly truth.

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It's shit. Every time it looks like something good is coming, it turns out to be a curse in disguise. It's nothing but torture while we chase fleeting hope like a carrot on a stick.

I don't claim to understand it, but I understand enough to know what it is. The matrix is real.

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Your desires are magnetic. Try attracting good into your life.

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False hope. I've tried that and you know what? It never works. The script writers certainly use my ideas and toy around with me with synchronicity, but not in any way I can control.

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Right on. Kind begs the question, how do we access it?

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The universe is mental. You can find the kybalion as audio book on youtube MasterkeySociety. It's the most intelligent thing ever written that is available to the masses.

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Physically the occult people say it takes a combination of focused imagination, emotion, and will/desire/expectation and the holodeck will just manifest what you want. But it takes practice...... Electrically if we figure that out some corporation would just go over board with greed and short out the ionosphere killing off the planet.

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No, it manifests what the archons want. The occult is just another layer of their deception for those who know there's more than the physical world (which is already a tiny minority). That's why the occult works sometimes but not consistently; it works just enough to trick people without giving us any means of escape. Think of the premonitions Palpatine made Anakin have. And the white light tunnel to "heaven" is just as fake as fortune tellers and mediums.

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I am 1000% cut off from this. I used to have it just like everyone else. But as I began figuring some things out, they started watching me 24/7 and won't even let me imagine clearly.

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You can be effected by outside influences. Many say these are the planetary influences. There are meditation techniques that address this kind of thing. I suggest the book "The Secret of the Golden Flower" (can be found on youtube). You need to take control of your own mind. It is not good to stay in the state you are explaining.

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Don't be fooled. It's not from planets or aliens. Those are, as usual, archons posing as aliens. If there are aliens, they are not the magic inter-dimensional beings people seem to think they are.

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Nothing exists but energy in motion. No aliens no humans no solid objects. All is energy in motion. Learn energy control. My 2 cents after hundreds of books and years of research into the mysteries of reality. Gets slow in the middle but if you watch this to the end it will change the way you see the world.