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Loomer is literally a Mossad agent. Who pays her bills?

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She is jewish

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And don't forget who the globalists (EU, UN, NATO) really are.

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The OWI was composed of Jewish bolsheviks fleeing Germany. Herbert Marcuse was literally a Sparticist.

The US's embrace of "Uncle Joe" and absorption of Jewish Bolshevist ideologues into academia and the intelligence agencies had an obviously more detrimental impact on the US and the developed world than the achievement of manned space flight.

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And don't forget who the globalists (EU, UN, NATO) really are.

Ukraine is the former Khazaria.

The second image set Laura Loomer provided above shows this alleged Sergai Dybynyn wearing a black t-shirt with a red menorah on it.
This red menorah is a derived from Ukrainian coat of arms.

This story doesn't add up.

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I'm convinced that Klaus Schwabb is Adolf Hitler. He looks just like Hitler aged. Is there a facial recognition thing we could plug their faces into to see if they match?

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he'd be too old. angela merkel is his daughter tho

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Where's your evidence that the dude in the photo is who you claim?

And where's your evidence that - if the photo is this Sergey dude - that he has the background you claimed?

Honestly the Nazis that worry me are Marine le Pen, Alternative fur Deutschland, Austra Freedom Party etc etc - whose bosses are currently under daily Ukrainian and Azov drone strikes.

So I know that the Nazis are the ones opposing Ukraine. The Nazis are the ones with the stupid symbol, the legally unquestionable leader, the thoughtcrime jails, the state religion, the corporatist slave system, the war for expansion and the mono-ethnic structure of brutal control.

It's actually really easy to figure out which side are the Nazis in this conflict.

So where's your proof that the dude in the photos is who you claim? And where's your proof that this Sergey person has the background which you've alleged?

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The pictures.

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What about them?

Are you trying to tell me, that your standard of proof is green font on Imgur? If something is written in green font on Imgur then you believe it to be true?

Does your brain experience this jpeg as having been proven by the presence of green text

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Blow me cock master.

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Are you upset now because that I exposed - that yes, normally green text on Imgur IS enough to convince you

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You want to appeal to authority, when it suits you, or makes sense for you. But as soon as YOU don’t want to hear something, or as soon as this is something you choose to not personally believe, well then it’s just a simple “I don’t believe it”.

I’ll take the green text, it makes sense. The left are liars.

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You want to appeal to authority, when it suits you, or makes sense for you. But as soon as YOU don’t want to hear something, or as soon as this is something you choose to not personally believe, well then it’s just a simple “I don’t believe it”.

Not sure what you're talking about, can you share an example?

It's not that I don't "want" to believe it. It's the so far the evidence shown has been just someone's writing on a photo. I understand that YOU REALLY WANT to believe it, but for me, this has nothing to do with "want", it's simply that I am not persuaded by someone's screenshot alone

I think I am quite normal in that regard. So please explain what you mean. If you took the average man on the street and asked him if green font on imgur is persuasive...and he said that because he doesn't "want" to believe?

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Your point is, begrudgingly, well taken.

But I find the images compelling, and the twitter testimony compelling. I may be susceptible to propaganda that appears to be telling the truth, vs Russia gate propaganda.

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I find the images compelling, and the twitter testimony compelling

That's because YOU REALLY WANT to believe it, so your brain makes it seem more credible.

How pathetic that your internal landscape of "what is true" versus "what is fiction" is drawn from which story sounds nicest to your ears.

Pathetic.. Any time you want to disagree with me on saidit in future, you should make a PSA, that actually you decide truth from fiction like an infant, based on which story aligns with your preexisting political bigotry.

How pathetic. At least you admit it.

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Says “muh Russia gate”.

I can’t argue in good faith with you. There’s no ability to concede.

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So I know that the Nazis are....the legally unquestionable leader, the thoughtcrime jails, the corporatist slave system, the war for expansion

Are you referring to the leader that resulted from a coup in 2014 and still has an american journalist in jail for thought crimes and went to war by expanding NATO?

Or are you referring to the leader that used the power of the corporate media, social media corporations, banking corporations, and healthcare corporations to rig an election, censor on a massive scale, bar financial transactions, and jailing their political opposition and anyone speaking against them. or the legality of their coming to power, or their never ending wars?

It is so hard to know who you are speaking of.

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that resulted from a coup in 2014

Lol do you know who petro poroshenko is?

He's a chocolatier.

2014 was not a coup, and poroshenko is not in power. The election that President Poroshenko oversaw (which Zelensky won) was free and fair.

Zelensky spent the 2014 period making a tv comedy about an unlikely president. Zelensky didn't "result" from a coup unless you mean - via the medium of tv comedy?

So let's see. Let's just take a step back.

I put forward a rubric for deciding who might be a fascist. I think a country is fascist if

  • if they have a stupid symbol

  • if they have a legally unquestionable leader

  • if they have a war of expansion

  • corporations have literal slaves, not 12 shift at mcd's but actual slaves in chains

  • jails for thoughtcrime

  • a state religion (metropolitans are appointed by the state)

  • mono ethnic imperialism through brutal systems of control

  • financially supports extremist politicians overseas

Etc etc etc

Without naming which side I think satisfies those conditions, that's my rubric for which side is fascist.

Do you agree? Without naming which side you think satisfies the conditions, what's your criteria for deciding which is fascist?

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I put forward a rubric for deciding who might be a fascist. I think a country is fascist if

No one cares what you wish the term fascism to mean. The man who first used the term fascism to describe his system of government, Mussolini, did thoroughly define his form of government. And the National Socialists German Workers Party, which openly attributed fascism to their system of government, did not claim to change Mussolini's original definition of the term.

Those who care about the truth of history will go to the writing and words of the source of the term to define the term. There are many Joseph Goebbels out trying to obscure the real meaning of the term, because they love corporation ruled government, since the news corporations told them they must and the social media corporations told them they would be censored if they do not..

And no I will not waste my time arguing with you about it. I would only quote the words of Mussolini himself. You can go argue with him on your own and leave me out of it..

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Bro you literally wrote the post title lol.

Don't pretend you read Mussolini writing about 2023's Ukrainian national guard.

Are we just gonna skip over how you were totally wrong about petro poroshenko??

I don't need to argue with you about whether or not Marine le Pen is a Nazi, or whether Austrian Freedom Party are Nazis...

Damn if you hate Nazis so much then you must have a real problem with Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen, right? Seeing as you hate Nazis so badly and know all about European fascism.

You must really be strongly opposed to Alternative fur Deutschland and UKIP and La Liga. Seeing as how you hate Nazis so badly and you're really into European politics.

Weird how every single Nazi on my list is paid by Putin. Weird how your opposition to Nazism evaporates when Putin opens his wallet. Seems like your problem isn't really with nazism or fascism, actually that's just a fig leaf for your real driving urges...

You can't be anti-nazi and pro-putin

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You assume a lot about me and seem upset that I don't hate whom you, or corporate media propaganda, says I must hate.

My comment concerned what the real meaning of the term fascism means. No one seems to know anymore because they allowed their understanding of the word for corporation controlled government to be (re)defined for them by corporate/CIA media. Same way they allowed the definition of the term Nazi to be redefined for them from the original National Socialists German Workers Party to now mean racist conservative, those who resist socialism/communism, and/or those whom resist planetary conquest.

While the terms racist, Fascist, Nazi, liberal, and conservative now no longer are known by their original real meaning and are just terms now used to label political opposition of the globalist infiltrated democrat party and internationally those Rothschild called "the liberal world order"..

The political party that reinstated skin color discrimination/quotas in institution of universities, government, and corporate employment, while force indoctrinating even the military personnel into critical race theory, a racist doctrine that pushes for removal of one race from positions of power and their replacement by another race. THAT is the party that calls their political opposition "racist and Nazis". While forgetting their party's history in slavery and segregation.

Knowing all of this one with an ounce of common sense left should never just react to these labels like they actually mean something, especially if that label was originally given by corporate mocking bird media propagandist, even if it was just repeated from them and through a person that knows not what they actually say..

Same as people have no clue what the meaning and history of the word "corporation". Historically corporations started as a company that was a monopoly chartered, controlled, and owned by by the state/monarchy. What is the economic goal of communism? To control and own the means of production. So if you understand corporatism/fascism you can see the reality.

Socialism, communism, corporatism/fascism, Nazi-ism, or and any system which has the goal of removing capitalism and/or personal individual ownership are all just modern forms of slavery. Thus the subversion of the meaning of these terms serves to bring in slavery where you will own nothing and be happy, like a slave.

Weird how every single Nazi on my list is paid by Putin. Weird how your opposition to Nazism evaporates when Putin opens his wallet.

If out of ignorance you keep allowing the corporations (real fascists) to think for you and tell you whom you must hate and why, you may end up learning the hard way. Why do you think the UN, EU, and NATO want to put weapons in Ukraine on Putin's border so badly? Do you think maybe they want to re-order the world but Russia needs to be gotten out of the way first?

Did you know that Kiev Ukraine was the founding homeland of the Russian empire and ALL of the people of ethnic "Kievan Rus" and was the capitol of Russia for almost a thousand years?.

So the globalists plan to cause the end from the beginning. Almost 50% of Ukraine was ethnic Rus peoples before the 2014 coup. How many do you think live there now, especially after the coup the first orders of the installed interim government was to use the military against "Russian backed separatists"? Ukrainian citizens that were ethnic Rus and those that joined the militias against the conquest. You realize what term that one is right, genocide.

So why did you fall for supporting a genocide and hating the guy that militarily made an escape route for those fleeing genocide? Because you let the corporations/fascists tell you how to think.

And what did they tell you? They have only one play book and it seems to work every time.

Ah yes you listened to these guy to understand what was going on.

What is really going on? Read this and become enlighten enough to see through the dark veil.

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What a huge wall of text you had to write to escape the conversation we were having.

You can't be anti-nazi and pro-putin.

You were wrong about your theory on 2014.

You were wrong about which side of the war is supporting Nazis like marine le pen or AFD.

You were wrong when you thought (repeatedly, including when writing this wall of text) that imgur was proof, that things are proven when someone uploads a jpeg.

You're not very clever and you allow yourself to believe trash.

You can't be pro-putin and anti-nazi. Because Putin funds all the Nazis I listed.

So I know you're just faking.

You're a faker who is pretending he knows what he's talking about, but when pushed, all you have is 1950s conspiracy trash and Imgur jpegs. You didn't even know who petro Poroshenko is and you tried to tell me 2014 was a coup. You're a moron and I don't need to talk to you any more

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You keep believing everything the corporations tell you. You better be on you 5th booster gene therapy by now. You keep believing the people of Ukraine removed by force the president they elected to allow US politicians to install an interim government and murder half of them and start war with their neighbor. You keep believing they want Joe Biden to speak for them and not back down and taunt Putin into war. At least Putin's first missile strike took out the 26 bio weapons labs the US was creating their next variants of covid in.

You just believe everything the corporations tell you and ridicule everyone on the internet that goes against the corporations that pay you, Fascist. You will create the greatest hell on earth for your children's children. A global Epstein Island Nazi concentration camp wonderland.

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You keep believing everything the corporations tell you

Such as

At least Putin's first missile strike took out the 26 bio weapons labs the US was creating their next variants of covid in.

Wow what incredible gullibility you're projecting onto me

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All it took was a plane load of Ukrainian Nazis marching on J6 to complete the takeover. Now as payback Ukraine gets billions while homeless Americans look for a cot and a hot. I suggest everyone here load up on all necessary supplies.

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Kind of a non-serious thought experiment question on how fragile society has become.

With the level of modern dependency on long established conveniences, do you think a modern society nation could be controlled or made to submit solely by a monopoly of toilet paper production withholding it's product using all the known tricks of coercion? (edit: not allegorically meaning fed reserve notes LOL)

I think if they could keep rioters away from the factories and keep the people in power happy with clean butts..... The butt washer toilet manufacturers could never supply the transition fast enough and the people would cave and submit to their demands within a short time. Kinda of funny and sad at the same time to consider.

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I tried to buy a bidet on Amazon but they were sold out. Might be time.

Our bigger concern is people getting more stupid, to the point where the populace can’t run an industrial civilization. Imagine idiots running a steel factory or a railroad. It’s what happened in Zimbabwe and South Africa, where an IQ of 75 is the norm for the Bushmen running the place.