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For decades there was an almost iron clad grip over media, and we only ever got to see, and grow to love the created personas they deemed necessary.

Now, the danger is clear, there are some really talented folks out there, that can, and are producing high quality, and entertaining videos for little more than pennies thrown at them. These folks are the threat, along with those that choose to watch; creativity, and critical thinking skills are the 'set apart', I think.

It breaks the line of command and control; gotta be reigned in.

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I think more people should post videos on their own website, then share them on others. I am thinking of making a multimedia series myself, that wouldn't fit on other sites due to using a combination of text, images, video, and audio, fully embracing the web as a medium.

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Yup, I agree ;)

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It's kind of unrelated, but I noticed Amazon broke their sort too.

If you search an item and sort by cheapest, the results are almost random instead of actually being in order, not to mention all the random ads that have completely unrelated prices but are disguised as normal listings. It's infuriating to use, tbh. They changed it like 3 months ago and it's been seriously bothering me since.

The added all this noise to a sorting process that doesn't need it, to basically trick people in to buying more expensive shit. Grr

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I've always had huge issues sorting by "upload date" and "uploaded within ___" search tools, they've almost never worked for me, even before.

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they will get rid of search altogether. ok maybe not get rid of it just ruin it so it is worthless. reddit did this

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I use hooktube as its quicker and no ads but lately if you click the channels name instead of getting the newest video first as it used too the dates are is all over the place.