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so, as the video says, after pope clement and the french king burned de molay at the stake, the templars, who had headquarters all over europe went underground and became the secret societies of europe. most notably the alumbrados in spain and after that, the jesuits.

but francis borgia was the one who really created the jesuits. loyola, although a knight templar (alumbrado) was just a figurehead. loyola started out his career as a military man. a knight. his dream was to became a big conqueror.,_4th_Duke_of_Gand%C3%ADa

and i have a hunch that bergoglio is really a borgia. why would a master jesuit pick his papal name after a franciscan saint when francis was the name of not only his ancestor, but also the name of the one who reinvented and reintroduced his secret order to the world.

i also think that ratzinger (pope benedict) resigned only to give way to the more powerful bergoglio/borgia.