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Can confirm.

Working in medical research. Well, it was just called 'research', but was funded by the big boys. Top level stuff.

We regularly memory holed results that failed to fit the narrative, especially null results. Pissed me off so much that in the end I quit.

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Yes, partly because the Deep State controls what gets published in the medical journals and other (non-medical) academic journals. They control the narrative this way. They publish what they want and push that agenda and squash anything they don't like. For academics, if it's not published in a journal, it doesn't exist or is invalid.

Academics are easy to control because they need grants to continue their research.

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It's all a play to make people as dependant on the drugs as possible. I'm sure several cures to the different types of cancer have been found, but people still depend on the most unreliable and expensive methods.

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Well, given the fact the #3 leading cause of death in the US is "Medical error" I am not surprised at all

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Except for vaccines... I keep hearing that they're safe and effective...


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There is surely corruption going on behind the medical industry by organizations like the Rockefeller foundation. I think this is a good link about how scientific research related to medicine has become artificial.

Some insiders like Dr. Peter Rost and Dr. Richard Horton talk about the way the scientific research of medicine has become deceitful.

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Wellcome trust and SmithKline Beecham were the big funding companies, when I was in the game, now GlaxoSmithKline.