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Yeah, this site may not be what you are looking for. This site has a lot of reddit refugees with strong opinions that ended up banned for various wrongthink violations (in my case they didn't like what I had to say about covid vaccines). This leads to lots of arguments, personal attacks, and people saying things that might trigger you, but it's much harder to get banned, and much easier to evade the bans if you do. For me its worth putting up with, but for others it may not be.

I can make a few recommendations that may be worth checking out, but other users here are more knowledgable of reddit alternatives than me - People are supposedly very friendly here, we've had a few users migrate to this platform, its like a cross between reddit and twitter, its a small obscure site like saidit

Lemmy - This is a federated reddit-like platform, more users than saidit or sqwok, but its spread out over various servers that may or may not link to each other. The policies of conduct are a bit stricter there in terms of insulting/harassing/racial slurs/ and other things you might find triggering

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Oh, grow up.

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No stilted speech, please.

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Not corrupt, but definitely more combative. As HongKongPhooey says, if that's not your style, this place probably isn't for you.

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It's extremely misguided and naive to think random faceless commenters on any site will ever actually care about you, no matter the community or topic. The only places you'll find anything even remotely like what you're looking for are heavily moderated issue-specific forums where negativity is banned and performative "caring" attitudes are required.