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May she roast in Hell!

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Finally. Hillary, Biden, McConnell, and Waters will be next.

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Why don't you give a fuck? It's because people like you are incapable of human compassion which is a big contributor to your love of guns and their lethality in the first place. And it's because people like you would rather wallow in their own noncompassionate ignorance than care about other human beings - because let's face it, that makes people less "targets" and more about humanity. And you hate that, because that takes away your justification for trying to kill other humans.

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You need to spend A LOT more time with your psychiatrist.

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Yeah, he’s suffering

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So do you, buddy. So do 100 % of the American populace for that matter. I've yet to meet any other human being who didn't need extreme psychological counseling. Do yourself a favor - get the help you need now and don't wait until your mind gets sicker.

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look at his post history he's basically a troll.

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When a useless limp dick fuck comments on a post of mine their comment is all I need to know about them mate. Thanks.

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She already looked like death. I’m glad she is no longer suffering. And I’m glad that we are no longer suffering.

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Saitors getting you-peopled now, lol

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Uhhh buh bye

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Buh bye yerself, and don't forget not to write.

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Uh bye bye

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Excellent points.

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Thank you, thank god someone gets what I'm saying!

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Let's be truthful. If a strong conservative figure died tonight, liberal areas would be rejoicing.

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Of course we would. I rejoice every time a mormon asswipe missionary gets killed in action, I rejoice every time a conservative figure in utah or texas or anywhere else dies and I'm having a giant party for the day trump dies and goes to hell for eternity, which he most certaintly will. And I don't apologize for any of it, I've had enough of the vulgarity of conservi-tardism for one lifetime. Keep on dying and making my day!!

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Glad to Ser you're compassionate😅😆✌

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The HELL I am. I have no interest in being compassionate.

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She's a jew so no surprise. She's literally a (((stein)))

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Feinstein's political career was a watershed of identity politics demonstrating that women were just as capable as men, of screwing over taxpayers via a system of patronage and corruption that by and large only acknowledges regular folks during campaign season.

Her departure at best will prove to be nothing lost and nothing gained. Governor Newsome has already signaled that her replacement will be a product of identity politics. This consideration will outweigh qualification and the ideology of her replacement will be approved by Newsome.

Term or age limits are delicate subjects when the individual's views align with the political establishment. They only become hot topics on the occasion that the aging Senator, Representative, or President threaten the direction that globalists/progressives intend to take the country.

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A thoughtful reply thanks. Hot topics do bring out the crazies here on Saidit.

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You should care that she is dead. It means she might finally be replaced. Though they may just prop her body up and count her present anyway. Wouldn't be much of a difference.

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No one should 'give a fuck' what assholes who write comments like yours think.

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Well, maybe because you didn't know her, you never met her, and she had little to no impact on your life.

Deep with the first dead lies London's daughter,

Robed in the long friends,

The grains beyond age, the dark veins of her mother,

Secret by the unmourning water

Of the riding Thames.

After the first death, there is no other.

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Was there any US or Israeli war she didnt fully support? Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, just on the US side, nevermind the continual wars against its neighbors and its indigenous population Israel has waged. She made the MIC a lot richer, while she profited extensively from her political power. The US and the world is a lot worse place as a result of her political career. How many Ukrainian teens did she help kill just this week alone?

With all this carnage, she never showed any remorse. Quite the opposite. So she had a lot of impact on a lot of peoples lives, and on ending a lot of peoples lives.

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She was anti Iraq and Afghanistan for a while, but not very long.

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No she wasnt. Definitely wasnt anti Iraq war. Once she got what she wanted and Israel's enemy Saddam was gone and Iraq was in chaos, the WMD lie was revealed and a backlash developed, she later tried to pretend she was against the war, but she fully supported the invasion and occupation and voted for it.

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I remember vividly being dragged to a rally for her where she shat on Bush and his unjustified war, calling him a war monger. That was pretty much the only thing she said. I remember Pelosi and Boxer being there too.

I'm not 100% sure whether it was Iraq or Afghanistan, but I think it was Iraq because I seem to remember someone asking the question what Iraq had to do with 9/11 at the rally, I wanna say that was Barbara Boxer, but again I was a teenager and not exactly thrilled to be there even though this was at a point where I was the most left wing I have been in my life.

All I'm saying is at least publicly she was anti-war at one point when it served her interests. Her voting record might contradict this though. She's always been a hypocrite.

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Barbara Boxer legitimately opposed the war from day 1. Amazingly, even Pelosi voted against the invasion as well.

Feinstein voted for it.

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Stop arguing with cougar look at his post history, basically a troll.

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