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It's not looking good. There's no way for whites to advocate for themselves without being labeled a 'racist' and their livlihoods taken away. Which means the only route for advocating for ourselves is going to be through religious organizations and/or a third party. When you have a third party you can have legit political rallies. Without a way for whites to get together in real life and talk about what's happening to us we are going to just continue to grow more atomized and broken spiritually. Neither of the two political parties are interested in stopping white genocide or white persecution by Marxists.

When you have political parties or religious groups there will essentially be people we send money to to speak for us. Those leaders will be public figures and nobody will be able to intimidate them by taking their career.

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It will have little impact. Illegal aliens are already de facto citizens at this point. There are no plans to deport them and they have all the same rights as everyone else, thus they have been granted citizenship.

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Uh, it would grant them VOTING rights too, and thus seal the fate of any sort of conservative resistance.

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A lot of the illegals are probably already voting. Look at how many spanish google searches their was for "how to register to vote" when hillary pandered to them in her 2016 debate. In any case, we cant vote our way out of this. Who are you going vote for that isnt hostile to whites?

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Someone that gets into power that starts out in local politics. And the only way something like that could happen in local politics is if people are awake and not attacked by the feds.

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I tried to ignore Biden but Tucker did a segment tonite on Biden's platform written by the likes of AOC. I'm voting for Trump because he's the lesser of two godawful evils. Biden's platform will be globohomo on steroids. Obama's "de-Whiteify the nation" laws will be ramped up, White neighborhoods will be illegal.

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The future (for whites) will not be significantly altered from its current course by something as meaningless as the president of the united states' "political party". There is one political party in the US.

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The glass half full view is that it would finally kill conservatism. The conservatives are just radical enough to get people excited for them yet never deliver. In countries that have a strong conservative movements it becomes difficult for genuine right wingers to make progress. With millions more non whites and Trump losing the MAGA/Republican strategy will obviously have to be abandoned. Voting for a based candidate in 2024 is obviously not going to work. The reason so many people refuse to give up on Trump is because he is america's last hope, if he goes the last little chance of saving the US goes. The democrats will win every presidential election after 2020.

I think that is a good thing, the US is broken and needs a reset. Just because a country goes down doesn't mean the civilization has to. Poland, Estonia and other eastern European countries went through a breakdown of their political system and turned out much stronger. Once the republican strategy dies people will have to look beyond the republican party and find new alternatives. With burning cities and democrats in power whites might actually start acting appropriately for the situation they are in.

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It wouldnt though. It would kill Trump and the few people who are sympathetic at all to dissidents. Nikki Haley, Mitt Romney, etc. would be back in control of the Republicans. As bad as Trump is, the Republicans will become even more useless.

Imagine hate speech laws and reparations, thats the Biden presidency and the Nikki Haley/Mitt Romney "opposition".

They will crack down on all opposition, and the left will stop burning their cities down.

Im sorry to say, Trump is both the better accelerationist and the better candidate in general for us. Its unfortunate he's such a retard.

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Obviously R's would never win again but also:

  • You'd see even more people head to the US, because why wouldn't they if no one cares?

  • Salaries would continue to decline because the corporations would suddenly have 22 million people to pay shitty wages

  • Apartment and Housing prices would skyrocket

  • There'd be even more welfare usage

And who knows what else.

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Increasing violence towards journalists, and in fact, towards anyone with a camera. Eventually we're going to have an incident where some black person is recording a white person, accusing them of having committed some wrongthink, saying how they're going to post a video and ruin their life, and it's going to turn into evidence for a murder case. It will be reported on, and then quickly buried, because the amount of sympathy for the murderer will surprise and scare the establishment. It will still take place - women are a favorite target, and can't do much - but stupid people will make bad decisions about who and when to record, and the unspoken public attitude will become that anyone recording someone else without their consent is inviting violence. People will start to reason 'It's way better to be accused of outright violent assault with no video evidence than to be accused of racism on camera'.

Journalists in general will begin to avoid reporting 'live and on scene' or doing anything but highly controlled interviews because outbursts of violence will become routine. When they do show up, it will be with security. I'm convinced that the reason this event quickly fell out of the public eye is because, even in 2018, the idea that a bunch of people working for a newspaper got killed was less 'This is terrible!' and more 'Good', and journalists quickly realized they didn't want to fan that particular flame.

Capable whites in the US will increasingly become expats, and countries around the world will eventually realize there's money to be made in appealing to whites in particular. The waters will be tested on this front, but when 'Come to a place where people don't hate white people and in fact like them' pays off, it will become increasingly blatant. Offensively blatant, in fact, at least to the western media, who will try to stop, censor, or shut down such advertisements - partly because of how they (rightly) imagine it will impact the psyche of westerners.

Whites with fewer opportunities will be regarded as valuable commodities - by overseas, hostile actors. Russians, the Chinese, and who knows who else will see demoralized-yet-still-numerous whites as absolutely ripe for radicalization and destabilization of a strategic enemy. This is probably going to intensify once some kind of major military conflict flares up that requires a meaningful commitment of American troops, and hostility gets slightly hotter than they are right now. Not World War III, but something closer to the Iraq War in terms of US entanglements.

That in particular will be a major tipping point: when America commits itself to some kind of fresh international military conflict, and either falters, or it becomes clear they really have overextended. The moment something big happens - China makes a move for Taiwan, North Korea pushes a bit too far against South Korea, something that involves America flexing as much muscle as possible for show - I'm convinced some other actor is going to decide it's time to make THEIR move, reasoning that America can't manage two major conflicts at once. They will be correct.

That's how I see things playing out. And yeah, within the next 8 years. Buchanan suggested the US won't survive 2025. Pat's the closest thing we have to a modern prophet. I would not bet too much against his suspicions.