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Yes, we are being purposely isolated by the system that hates everything about us.

Personally, I solved this by narrowing my scope. I built strong connections with a few people (all of whom are based) rather than trying to maintain a large circle with many people. Ultimately, when you start a family, your social circles will contract like that anyway.

Remember that there are more of us than you think, and you can only know by speaking one on one with people you trust- without the leftist social pressure to conform.

I think European traditions, religions, and arts will attract more of /ourguys/ than Buddhism or other Eastern mysticism. But of course, follow your own interests. If you look hard enough, there will always be likeminded people wherever you go.

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How do you see a revival of European traditions, religions and arts happening? Any specifics? I think the arts one is probably the easiest to accomplish. Are there any that you have in mind?

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There are people doing HEMA in most areas, for one thing. Ive been finding a lot of European folk music online, and Ive met a few people in real life who are into that too. Not sure about religions, I know Asatru is a thing but Ive never involved myself with that.

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I’ve tried to get involved in Asatru before. The main problem there is that it’s getting more secretive from increasing anti-white harassment. I know one group that stopped advertising itself and they’re cool people - but far away and not great about announcing things before they happen.

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Interesting. I suppose its always worth reconnecting.

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The feds have no compunction against killing, jailing, or conspiring against right wing activists. I'm an atheist but started looking for conservative churches as I feel that's basically the only recourse as far as a somewhat right leaning organic community not infested with feds we have.

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This is an American problem if anything.

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So the solution is what? Not being snarky, but as Americans, is the only solution returning to Europe? That's not really viable. The other problem here is that I feel that American or ("fellow American") influence, while waning, has still infected, and will continue to infect, Europe.

I feel like what we need to do here is to create a core, build actual institutions, and just weather the collapse. It's a grim prospect.

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There is no solution for America. It just needs to die.