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I wonder where they'll put section 8 housing, and send the next wave of refugees? All while the city is bankrupted by a million well funded lawsuits by anti-White NGOs?

The system does not play fair. That is the least they will do.

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Yeah, that would happen. But my point is if the community is strong enough, it can stop playing by the system's rules.

Can't have section8/refugees if they are physically prevented from entering. Lawsuits could become as effective as suing North Korea is.

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Fair enough. Your idea is the one behind the Northwest Front, and I hope it works.

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    What would that entail?

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    I wrote a little something about this previously.

    I do think there are real similarities between the Boston Tea Party as an expression of the American people fed up with their rights being encroached upon by unelected elites, and a hypothetical "American Tweet Party" where the masses gather to -- potentially -- throw out Twitter's servers instead of East Indian tea.

    In reality, I'm not so sure it would even have to proceed to that level. I would bet that the administrators of the data centers would gladly surrender Twitter's servers to the protesters if they thought it would protect their other clients and their architecture itself. Twitter itself might buckle if they thought their stock price might crash if they did nothing.

    The point would be to send a message to corporate America that the unaccountable political censorship these private corporations have been exercising, and their ultimate control over the political process in this country, will not be tolerated. Freedom of Opinion must be allowed on any major social media platform, or it will not be allowed to exist at all.

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    San Francisco is a Left Wing shithole, if any protesters tried to organise outside their hq they would be swarmed by the worst kind of Left Wing vermin.

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    Have you watched the series "Continuum"? It is basically about what you're describing mixed with Science Fiction/Time Travel. Big Tech takes over America in the future and civilian terrorist groups emerge. A few from this terrorist group gets sent decades back in time together with 1 police agent. They know the future and want to stop it, she (the police officer) knows all about them and wants to stop them.

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    Haven't seen it. Worth watching?

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    Few series are worth watching, it's better to spend time on other stuff but if you're into Sci-Fi/Time Travel, otherwise probably not. It has a decent rating 7,6 on imdb. I like the concept of the show.

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    a community strong enough to stop playing by system rules

    Might be able to do it in sustainable manner by being quiet about it. Instead of "shouting" we dissent the de jure tyranny, accept the de jure as unassailable, go to de facto actions that are louder than words anyway. "Persuade" un-liked folks to move elsewhere*, setup subtle border monitoring, where borders are entirely imaginary (thus easily shifted), establish a secretive intelligence system that operates with minimal public notice, etc.

    "*" Dems are doing this now, operating riots and crime sprees to expel whites and peace-loving denizens to find peace elsewhere. It could be argued the Jews are doing it too, by taking over entire fields of business and government, not by population, but with money and smarts.

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    Ruby Ridge taught us that the United States has no tolerance for even passive insurrection, but that was one family in the woods.

    That was 30 years ago. The USA's federalism/nationalism has weakened so considerably that this might be very possible in the next 50 years.

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    You sure your math is right?

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    It's an interesting idea on the one hand. On the other hand I'm wary of concentrating all our support into one physical space. All our eggs in one basket ya know?