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Speech was genuinely good and Mike is a really accomplished speaker.

National Justice Now.

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Watched the whole speech, it was good. Best of luck to them. I'll vote for them if they run a candidate where I am.

I fear that they have little hope. Nick Griffin talked about this, how the electoral path is pretty much entirely closed for anyone who can actually save our people.

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I'll vote for any candidate they post up

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I like Mike but his spooky fucking shark eyes always put me off.

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I thought so as well. I re-listened to it this morning on my drive to work and it was even better the second listen.

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People saying they'd vote for them, that won't be enough. You will also have to campaign a lot for them if winning elections is the goal.

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There's no such thing as "justice". There are no such things as "rights". There are only differing interests, which may at times conflict or align. Every group should act in its own interests, no matter what type of action that entails.

We will never win unless we reject the foundations of the Christo-liberal paradigm.

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I support the initiative fully. However it was not a good look to be honest. Why is he giving a speech in a barn? Is addressing a crowd of cows?

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Tbh I think the barn+suits was a great move. Anti-modern aesthetic.

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Same. I really liked it. Reminded me of the Lindbergh speeches.

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1) Renting a large conference hall is expensive.

2) You can have a lot more privacy and freedom on a farm.

3) They are less likely to cancel you.

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Yeah he should have just hired a big hall or a hotel and given a speech there! What could go wrong? If he'd have done that then the big boys would be listening.

It's not like there's examples in history of people giving poltical speeches in places where ordinary people congregate. How could that work? We need to infiltrate the RNC!! Optics.

Fucking hell.

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It being in a barn made it look pathetic. Like its a party of illiterate hicks and poor people

I mean if you're gonna appeal to blood and soil and the farmers, at least give a speech on the outdoors. This just displays a lack of seriousness

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Matter of opinion I guess. The first speech given in an agrarian atmosphere with many passionate and screaming fans seems pretty cool to me. I doubt if it had been in a place that conveyed 'seriousness' if anything would change. It's not seemed to matter at all when our thoughts are expressed in 'serious' places.

Perhaps it's time to trust our ideas rather than our aesthetics. There was a certain European leader of the 20th century who started off appealing to common people in 'bad optics' places and made his way to national parliament.

By the way when is your speech in the awesome optics place happening?

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Like its a party of illiterate hicks and poor people

Do you have something against hicks and poor people?

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They're useful foot soldiers but the really important people are the professional class and intellectual types. The disempowered bourgeois who are alienated from the system. Only they have the brains, skills and vindictiveness to carry out a revolution. Marx himself noted that the proles were largely harmless to the Capitalists and the main threat to them came from alienated bourgeois.

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I guess I don't have quite the same view. I believe that most whites labeled as poor and hicks are rarely low quality people upon further examination. The white trash thing is real obviously but so much of it is exaggerated by Jewish media. Poor whites are not just golem to be used by either jew cultural programers or nat soc cultural programmers. They are our VOLK. They are the engine of our birth rates, our economic growth, our spiritual base. Where as poor blacks will not produce engineers and doctors and teachers. Poor whites given the right conditions can birth an entire productive generation of high trust teachers, doctors, soldiers, mechanics, shop keepers, etc. We need these folks. Many of them are only in the condition they are in because of constantly cultural warfare against them. Nobody has really politically represented poor whites for a hundred years. They have been the punching bags of both the left and right. They deserve better.

Marx himself noted that the proles were largely harmless to the Capitalists and the main threat to them came from alienated bourgeois.

Marx was referring to a very small group of extremely multi generational destitute failures. In modern american many working class whites have been shoved into a working poor situation. Not because they are failures but because of political and cultural warfare. These are not 'lumpen proles' they are literally the heart and soul of the volk.

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I think most Whites, at least in the Midwest, will see it as "rustic" and traditional Americana, not dirtball. If they'd wanted to they could have hung a banner behind him for $40 with a picture of whatever, but they went with barn. It also sends a message, you CANNOT stop us from meeting in any of a million barns in this country. They're private property which can be defended with lethal force. No fucking Antifags will get anywhere near there.

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Took me a while to figure it out but I think this speech was one of the inspirations.

Listen to the flow between the crowd and the speaker.

Also many of the America first committee speeches were conducted in barns across the country.