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Our ancestors have been executing criminals for thousands of years and liberals were really foolish (arrogant) enough to think they were all wrong.

When it comes to the human condition, there really is nothing new under the sun.

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Humans are always forging new values, progress is progress if it has valid reason behind it which is why there is plenty new in this age and the human condition changing. Life in prison is also a worse fate than quick death depending on the nation.

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Well, they're retarded, as it will primarily be used against them.

Getting put on guillotine to own the libs.

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You say that like they wouldn't be killed anyway. It hardly matters if it comes from the state putting you through a guillotine or from them putting you in a prison where Mohammed kills you.

Whites have to learn we are in a war for survival. We need to go full Third Reich just to preserve our race.

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Reinstating the death penalty will be absolutely necessary when Europeans take back control. It doesn't matter that the present state would use it against it, as the present state would never implement it since it operates within a liberal framework. A reactionary, pro-white government would absolutely have the will to implement it once in power.

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Ah yes, liberal "democracy" in action.

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Meaningless unless actual legislation is done.Plus France's position on the Council of Europe forbids the death penalty.

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Various "immigrants" who commit heinous crimes in Europe really laugh at the penalties for their crimes. In their countries, they would face some really painful punishment or even execution, and in Europe they get fed and sheltered and network with more like them at the expense of the state and for a brief time only. Not to mention that they claim to be teenagers so they won't get punished at all.