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I'd get them started with physical health before anything. A regiment of eating properly, working out and eliminating sources of stress or anything that interferes with sleeping. They're still developing mentally and top mental function follows top physical function. It's not a coincidence that men who are more physically fit are way more likely to be redpilled and conservative. Also, we need men who aren't just mentally strong but also physically as leaders and role-models. I genuinely believe that essentially every man would be somewhat more based if their hormone levels and physical health weren't so rubbish.

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Jewish Daily Forward

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Platos Republic

Genealogy of Morals

On Power: The Natural History of Its Growth


The Brave New World

The Lord of the Rings

People to follow on social media



Daily Forward


Jewish authors that write for New York Times.

Video clips

Joe Biden gaffes on Jews and the infamous clip where he praises white replacement.

yuri bezmenov

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you know yuri bezmenov was just a cia gayop right? never was kgb and he left the soviet union because they wouldnt let him racemix lmao

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Yes, but the methods of subversion he describes are very relevant to today. I personally never took people sharing him to mean that Russian communists are still subverting our society, but rather that he described simply the methods of subversion (that were used in the West by the Frankfurt School).

Related video by Academic Agent:

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Yes, but I had a hard time thinking of video content that would not probably be banned by big tech. The methods of subversion are on point even if the group he is blaming is wrong. The question the original poster is difficult because it is hard to think of what will be considered unacceptable in the next decade.

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Imperium by Francis Parker Yockey and For My Legionaries by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

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Does one need to read Spengler's "Decline of the West" first before Imperium?

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I haven't and understood Imperium fine

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One that sticks out to me is The Republic. If you said, "we acknowledge the strengths of many of the ideas in the Republic that Western civilization foolishly abandoned in the last 100 years" - you would already be saying so much about what needs to be corrected.

What proportion of the population do you think would even understand what that means? As you noted, I'm pretty confident that this is one reason why so many classics have been removed from primary education.

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    Right. If they can convince people that WWII veterans were Antifa fighting for diversity, that multiculturalism built Europe, and that ancient Britons were actually black, they can convince people of anything - that Jesus advocated for sexual liberation and transgenderism, and that Plato was a real big fan of liberal democracy which is what he revealed in The Republic.

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    The Jesus thing has already been pretty successful.

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    and that Plato was a real big fan of liberal democracy which is what he revealed in The Republic.

    That could probably be done with a few 'replace all' functions.