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So do I, so should all of us. Why would we care about governments and institutions actively genociding us?

Death to America, so that Americans may live.

Remer said that if the USSR ever did invade Germany, he would "show the Russians the way to the Rhine" and that SRP members would "post themselves as traffic policemen, spreading their arms so that the Russians can find their way through Germany as quickly as possible".

This is Otto Ernst Remer, a National Socialist who was an officer in the Wehrmacht and 'played a major role in stopping the 20 July plot in 1944 against Adolf Hitler.' These were not the words of a subversive or a traitor, these were the words of someone who loved his people enough to hate his oppressors; even if they wore the faces of his people and flew their flags.

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It is important to put into context that quote comes after WW2.

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What year is that quote from?

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June 22, 1951.

If you're interested it's from 'The Beast Reawakens' page 65. The book is about post-war nationalists who were active such as Remer and Yockey.

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Okay, so he was referencing that the Soviets would be liberating post-WW2 Germany. Thank you for clarifying.

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Well put.

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Remer made a mistake saving Hitler. If Hitler died then then 3-5 million Germans and over 10 million euros would have been spared

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had i been a german i would rather fight to the last man to liberate europe than just accept jewish tyranny. if you think like this why do you care to oppose them today?

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At some point you have to be realistic. The war was lost in 1944. Prolonging the war only lead to the deaths of over 10 million Europeans, 3 million or more Germans and the mass rape of German women. It only hampered Germany in the long run. If the Reich asked for a peace then, today Germany and Europe would've been in much better demographic and genetic conditions.

If nothing else, the fear of Soviet domination could've led to the alllies even agreeing to keep the Nazis as a weakened buffer regime against Stalin. After WW2, it should be noted that many Wehrmacht generals were reinstated, and hundreds of thousands of Wehrmacht soldiers were also rearmed by the allies in West Geramny. Hell, Eric von Manstein, the greatest general of the war and hardcore anti-semite was made defense minister.

If Hitler died that day, it would've been better off

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I wouldn't pledge allegiance to the America of today if you paid me -- nor my own Nation. Though obviously they're right for totally the wrong reasons I agree with this poster that it is creepy. It's creepy for some kind of cheap, phony and meaningless pledge of performative patriotism towards a system actively hostile to White people and intent on their replacement and humiliation. What could be more humiliating than for a young White boy to have to pledge allegiance to a Nation -- and probably come to believe that pledge -- whose institutions actively discriminate against him and want him destroyed and think it's funny and just?

No phony Patriotism until White people have a home and a place of their own.

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It's Reddit.

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Wooowwww maaaan, it’s almost like there’s been decades of dystopian fiction and outright propaganda showing the Pledge of Allegiance as mind control for subversive purposes and this mindless drone just absorbed it. How free!

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Patriotism is for faggots. America is dead.

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