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There was obviously election fraud committed probably hundreds of thousands of times by individuals and organisations all over the country for both sides, it's just a tactic of an election. No different to lying with promises, paying for ads, gerrymandering etc etc. Anyone who thinks both sides aren't 'cheating' and doing everything they can to win probably also thinks only Russians do steroids at the Olympics too. It takes a special kind of retard to believe only 1 group will make use of everything they can to win and everyone else just 'plays fairly'; the special kind that makes up 70% of GOP supporters, apparently.

The whole purpose of this muh fraud shit currently is so Trump can NO REFUNDS on the way out, he and Bernie are going to be chilling together with all the NPC leftoid and NPC rightoid money.

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Why are you throwing allies under the bus?

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My allies are racialists and in fact anyone working against global capitalism, zionism and liberalism. I haven't thrown any of these people under the bus.

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The GOP are not our allies, and may in fact be worse than the Dems, because they stab us in the back while Dems stab us in the front.

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There is literal mounds of evidence. 138K Ballots mysteriously appearing all for the same candidate while numerous ballots for the other candidate being mysteriously found in dumpsters is pretty good evidence of a more serious election fraud than ever before in history.

I 'support' Trump just to buy more time to be honest, but I think the biggest takeaway is that Democracy has been shown as a sham to the masses in the biggest display possible. This is a major embarrassment for the System as a whole. When critiquing Democracy, we can point to this as a major event. Plus, considering the History of vote-rigging, I don't see why this is so unbelievable. The reason this is getting so much attention is because of how blatant it was, simple as. The Dems went all out because of how narrowly they lost in 2016.

Also, I resent you calling Trump Supporters idiots; not because I think that they're muh based intellectual working class, but because they're just the average normal person. They're tired of all the bollocks, and some big balls billionaire comes along and is remotely anti-establishment. It's unfair to call them complete idiots. Remember, us politic watchers, we're the major minority. The average dude comes home from work, exhausted, kisses his wife, ruffles his sons hair and relaxes with a beer and football. He hasn't got the time nor energy to consider stuff like Geopolitics and Ethnic tensions within America.

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I wasnt suggesting all Trump supporters are idiots. There are many rational Trump supporters along with the useful idiots.

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There are many intelligent people on our side who believe the election was stolen, or at least that the result is worth disputing. Steve Sailer, Nick Land, Sean Last, Roko Mijic, just to name a few off the top of my head.

Sean Last whipped this up and it's worth a look if you're skeptical of some of the claims being made:

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I think Donald Trump lost the election, by his 4 years of cuckoldry. He sold his base out from pretty much day one. The only time I can recall him standing up for us was "There were very fine people on both sides". Other than that it was Israel this, Blacks that, Hispanics this, Israel that, Israel that....

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The whole of 2020 has been a fraud since its beginning. All of this years' major narratives were specifically designed to crush anti-globalist resistance and clear the way for the "great reset". I do believe massive election fraud was a part of this operation (the fact that voting by mail is even possible already makes the democratic process worthless), but whether the blatant fraud itself was pivotal for the election of joe biden or not is irrelevant. The election result is the culmination of multiple social engineering operations that were all deployed at the same time, it is the result of mass deceit and brainwashing. The US republic is no longer legitimate and should be brought down, and if convincing millions of republicans that the election was stolen contributes to that, that is what we should be pushing, whether you support trump or not.

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Yes, this what I am saying. It was planned.

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Yes and this is one of those times I have to tune a lot of people out for their own sake because I realize they think they’re being clever or trying to court Conservative favor by repeating the bullshit. People are literally dancing in the street from Trump losing and corporate America probably sat on a vaccine on purpose to give Trump the finger. There is no winning with Trump. This is just going to be another stupid, “don’t tell the kids Santa is fake” taboo with the right-wing for years to come, like telling Ron Paul people that “9/11 Truth” isn’t a productive recruiting tactic years ago. Beautiful losers, beautiful being a half-joke.

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So, what do? Where does the American Right go from here?

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No. Based on the margins he won Ohio and Florida, the Wisconsin, Michigan, and PA results make no sense before we even get to the abundant statistical and circumstantial evidence of fraud

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1 -What you are saying is false, the media tried to heavily supress the story. 2 - There are interviews form Project Veritas, abnormal spikes of votes by mail in ballots for Biden but not a single one for Trump and apparently there's a bug in the machines that count votes and are used in 29 states. 3 - Trump is what he is but I would not call his supporters stupid, they are patriots who hoped in Trump even if he never delivered, they are the ones that are closest to us compared to the rest and they are right in having doubts that the election was fair.