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Imagine a Palestinian ER doctor giving an interview bragging about how he nobly did the job he was paid to do despite the person he was treating having some IDF or star of david tattoo and clearly being a horrible person who hates him. What a disgusting piece of propaganda and violation of someone's privacy, from someone whose almost certainly lived a life of privilege.

If treating this patient was such a heroic thing for him to do I'm sure there are plenty of other people who would have taken his medical school slot who wouldnt have thought twice about treating this person, and wouldnt have humble bragged about it afterwards while slandering a dying patient on live television. These people are shameless.

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It reads as though it is fake. Notice how the nursing staff were African and Asian — The New World Order putting itself at considerable risk to minister to a dying white society that caught the global-virus (doubtless) through its own stupidity.

Jim Goad mentioned it in his latest article.

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As every newspaper and TV news station on Earth can tell you, it’s not easy being Jewish. In a story that sounds suspiciously like that fabled hoax photo of black nurses trying to revive a patient in full Klan regalia, a Jewish doctor recently wrote of how the pandemic has battered his psyche to the point where he wonders whether he should even treat a patient whose body was “covered in Nazi tattoos.” [Cont...]