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As America slides into third world status, Dems will now fully get the blame, and the GOP will be rightly seen as a broken party. A niche party that exists only to shield the elite from high taxes and serve the interests of the Likud wing of Israel. This is an unfortunate but ultimately necessary step.

The important thing going forward is to ensure the GOP doesnt stage a comeback in 2022 due to faux populist rhetoric and Dem excesses, and that the Donald doesnt continue to hijack true populism. The best thing that can happen is Trump is impeached and jailed for his stupid Georgia phone call, although I suspect his Israel first Jewish supporters will shield him from prosecution.

People need to accept that the US is now irredeemably corrupt and dysfunctional and balkanization is the way forward. Itll be painful to watch the US crumble, and those of us that live there will experience perils and hardship Americans havent ever experienced, but it is what it is.

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So now the Repubicans won't be able to save us from "socialism". Americans struggling are not interested in that stupid message anymore so Republicans deserve to lose.

Georgia senate doesn't change any real power dynamic. Corporate power and money still rule and the Left has all the cultural power and institutions. Have you seen America lately? Do you think the "Right" is in power currently?

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A Jew and a Black running against two WASPs in a supposedly conservative southern state, and both the Jew and the Black are WINNING BIG. This says it all!

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Americans aren't interested in the anti socialist hysteria that Republicans keep trying to push. That worked before when America was a more heathy prosperous nation but not now. Framing the issue with the Left as economics is a losing issue.

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Maybe we can get a real fascist party finally.

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Yeah, the candidates are terrible, all that loeffner bitch could muster up during her debate was, "my radical, liberal opponent....". The skank did not even earn the seat, it was given to her by her husband, this loss is on Georgia government.

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Good, why are you upset? This is great strategically. There is no actual case to support the GOP on this, there was a (weak, in my opinion) case for supporting Trump but definitely not for two establishment Republicans unless you only care about tax cuts.

Regarding the policies. Biden has the executive (no, the "steal" isn't going to be "stopped"), there's a lot he could have done regardless of the status of Congress through presidential decrees. But even if Loeffler and Purdue won, nothing would have really changed. The GOP and Dems share bipartisan support for many of Biden's most damaging policies: immigration, imperialistic pro-Zionist foreign policy, Internet censorship, social degeneracy and corporate handouts. There is even bipartisan support for Puerto Rico statehood btw. The GOP never challenge the Dems on something like abortion either. The only thing the GOP actually stands its ground to fight for is tax cuts, economic deregulation that usually causes harmful work, food and living standards, and controlling the Supreme Court (which they do nothing with, its partisanship or partisanship's sake). The Congressional GOP doesn't even support some of the few good policies Trump actually did like the Syria and Afghanistan withdrawals! And to be honest, as bad as even moderate Democrats are, people overestimate the power of the radicals who want to go full police abolition, gun control or whatever. We were going to be seeing more of the same decline regardless. So there is not really a good case at all on ethno-nationalist grounds, on traditionalist grounds or anti-Zionist grounds to support Loeffler and Purdue. How much longer can American nationalists (or nationalists in Europe as well) continue supporting these types blindly to "stop the decay" without getting anything in return?

Noting above and the reality of the political system now, the American nationalist sphere has to suck it up and realise the strategic benefits they have at least. The false conservatives are out of power and basically returning to post-2010 Obama years, but it was those years themselves that led to the initial rise of the alt-right. And despite the alt-right's failure, actual nationalists are far better organised, more active and have a more coherent ideology than they did at the end of Obama's term in 2016. Plus, more white Americans are disgruntled and distrusting with the system than in 2016. With a now weakened GOP and the eventual death of the failed Trumpist cult, which was holding back significantly any actual movement to true nationalism, plus the Moderate Democrats holding full control of Government, this is perfect grounds for recruitment and expanding of actual nationalism. What nationalists, like the NJP, Patriot Front, Groypers, Spencerites and whoever, should realise is that now is a golden opportunity and what they should be doing is getting their act together, organising a political resistance and swallowing up the disenfranchised Trump supporters and disgruntled white working and lower-middle class base. By 2022, there should be openly ethnonationalist candidates being stood in primaries with not necessarily the goal to take power through democratic means but serving as a tool for achieving propaganda victories. Basically, the so-called "ballot box and Armalite" strategy (disavow the second part and replace it with peaceful organising).

There is a real chance for the development of nationalism in America which can obviously be a stepping stone in the future for whatever happens (balkanisation, collapse, etc). People should not be wallowing in misery because some corrupt billionaires lost because currently there are no good options, not even Trump is a good option. You know exactly who your fighting now and which side you should be on, it is time for realism and pragmatism.

Also Loeffler was an extremely terrible candidate. Unelected, extremely corrupt wife of a corrupt billionaire, openly showing contempt for the Trump base in the last days until the runoff election and was basicially the "swamp".

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    reference is lost on me.

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    Probably the stimulus check or something. 2000-600 = 1400

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    As much I hate the GOP, I hate the DNC infinitely more. Two years could really accelerated DNC hegemony. I understand accelerationism, but we need more time. We need to push this back two decades or more.... This is not enough time for folks to wake up.

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    Two decades from now whites will be even more outnumbered, not just in the US, but in Europe and the anglosphere. This means the sooner things come to a head the better. The longer things are drawn out the less likely people will wake up as they will become slowly acclimated to their situation.

    I'm also doubtful America can even last 2 decades. Look at how quickly things spiraled in 2020. If its going to happen, let the party of BLM/antifa, of whites kneeling in submission be the ones in charge. If the GOP had done ANYTHING about censorship and deplatforming it might be worth it, but all they do is facilitate the wealthy getting wealthier and more powerful, which in turn drives censorship because of who the most politically active wealthy tend to be.

    This isnt just about the US. Its about saving Europe, and the sooner America falls the more likely it'll be that Europe is saved.

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    Except I and a lot of other people have to live here. We needed more time. The US will not issue collapse, but could continue on as an increasingly brown systolic hell scale that can still throw its weight around.

    Europe is a different matter. Whether Germany for example wakes up, embraces things like AfD is completely independent from this.

    This is really bad news. And yes, it could have been avoided if establishment Republicans were not such feckles, ineffectual twats.

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    Nothing would have changed regardless, Loeffler and Purdue are not even fake populists like Hawley or Ted Cruz and would have gladly gave bipartisan support to much of Biden's agenda. Plus Biden can do a lot of damage regardless of control of the Senate through his executive power.

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    It would have stopped the DNC from going buck wild. Gridlock is good thing.

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    Wild in what regard? They only have a 50 seat tie + VP, which is weakened itself by their own centrist faction with at least Manchin making it only 49. I don't doubt it will be worse than under Trump but I don't think they'll be able to go full AOC with such a weak "majority". And Biden probably would have done his more wild policies through executive order anyway if there was a gridlock, things like DACA/illegal amnesty, gun control, censorship and "cracking down on white nationalism".

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    Hear me now and believe me later.

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    He's right though. You need to realize that this is good for us in the long term.

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    No. Immediate DNC and far left hegemony is not a good thing.

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    Good. It needs to die.

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    Do you have to live here?

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    I do, and he's right.

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    I beg to differ. I fail to see the benefit of: two new welfare states (DC/PR), gun confiscation, mass amnesty->infinity NEW Hispanics, packed SCOTUS, etc.

    Please, explain what's the upside here.

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    It's not even close just after polls close, it's looking like a landslide and they haven't even started with the "we found more ballots" shenanigans.