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This guy was paid $277,000 fucking dollars to issue out these tweets? The pac that was paying him most of this money was started and led by one of the usual suspects.

There's such an insane amount of tribe money floating around for people willing to do shit like this, and no shortage of people willing to do it. It would take years of congressional investigations and special commissions to just scratch the surface of what their money, media, lobbying power and Israeli ethnostate have done to undermine and reshape western civilization, target perceived enemies, and expand their control.

It really is like living in a society controlled by an ethnic mafia. One with an unaccountable nuclear armed ethnostate funded by western tax payer money at their disposal.

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This guy was paid $277,000 fucking dollars to issue out these tweets?

Who tf do I hit up for this job

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Of course this literal corporate paid shill also promoted antifa and BLM continually, while attacking Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard. The list of his anonymous paymasters read like a whose who of the corporate elite and 1%. He even received money from Google. Tell me again antifa and BLM arent tools of the elite.

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So, Dore is a hack. No need to expound there. But I was wrong about him in one way.

I didn't expect him to show all this paid shilling. Maybe he's not jealous and he actually does hate the astroturfing. But I'm still skeptical.