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I think at this point people just assume we no longer have a southern border. We are basically going to be a latin American country and international refugee center before Biden is done. The likelihood of saving America as it is, is just about gone. The key is saving Europe and if the violence, rioting and incitement against whites continues to worsen then look to an eventual break up of the US.

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    At the national level it already is, the GOP will only be relevant in rural heavy and mountain states. Sufficiently urbanized red states will flip blue like GA did. GOP leaders aren't helping with their pro business retardation. The GOP logically should be trying to cripple their cities before they destroy them but they do the opposite

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      The major consequence now if they push too hard is risking a costly hot civil war, which is unlikely but I think many in the liberal establishment do fear this occurring hence the emphasis against "domestic terrorism".

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      Nah, can always count on the GOP to cuck. And the Dem coalition is unholy asf and likely to fall apart soon.

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      Care to elaborate?

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      Let me guess. A Bunch of mexicans are trying to enter the united states? Sounds like business as usual.