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That is what happens when you apply liberal principles consistently across all groups instead of how it is selectively used by Jews to destroy western societies. There is no moral core in leftism which means you can't really put forward an argument against pedophilia or other forms of degeneracy because you are oppressing their individual rights. If you are a true individualist, why would you give a crap about collectives like ethnic groups or artificial identities created by capitalists like transgenders. To actually be consistent you have to oppose all collective identities because they would be a threat to your individual liberties. A collective identity can exert political, cultural and social influence that a individualist cannot compete with. The leftist political coalition are not genuine leftists and are using it as a means to attain power. they are mostly motivated by their own lust for power, their ethnic interests and malice against the traditional white population and their cultural norms.

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This is a great description of Vaush. He almost reminds me of a new Sargon figure for a younger generation.

To OP's question though what do we call this group? Classical liberals? Anglo Liberals. JQ aware liberals? Anti collectivists? Randians? Objectivists?

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Where does he "names the Jew"?

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He also hardly "yelled the Nword". OP has pretty dumb interpretation of that video.

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Vaush seems to have at least some sense of self awareness, which is more than any leftist could hope to have.

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It's funny. Vaush is someone who could be easily cancelled based on past statements, and I suspect deep down he knows that. He is basically supporting the mob that is eventually going to eat him and people like him alive, which lets face it, will be the eventual fate of all white lefties.

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    Aimee Terese is pretty based, in her own autistic way

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    There's nothing edgy about the term "the trans question." It's not a reference to the six gorillion, it's the standard nomenclature for any sort of ethnic dispute. "Respectable" publications use the term "the Kurdish question" all the time.

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    Just watch, Vaush was fifth columning the left the whole time.