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Absolutely yes, Israel creates chaos and Europe gets migrants. The more Israel destabilizes the middle east and the more problems they create the more migrants come to Europe. A Palestinian state would be a big win for Europe. This latest conflict started with Israel ethnically cleansing a Palestinian area and ethnically cleansed Palestinians will come to Europe.

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What makes you think that ethnically cleansed Jews won't come to Europe?

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We are pretty far from that, Israel is agressively expanding and pushing arabs into Europe.

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Check out what palestinian refugees did in Lebanon during the civil war, they attacked the people that gave them refuge and tried to do the samething in Jordan, I view them as parasites, the fact that they are against Israel does not make them our friends, they probably hate us just like they hate fellow whites.

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Hey, how's the weather in Tel Aviv?

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KEK, being accused of being a Jew for pointing out reality.

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yeah, lets be apathetic to art and culture being destroyed by a bloodthirsty genocidal mob.

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art and culture

What art and culture? Look at what these rats have done to Constantinople.

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The ones in Palestine are the ones staying and resisting the theft and occupation of their homeland. They arent the ones in Europe.

I dont get European nationalist's soft spot for zionism. Some of you are almost as bad as the conservatards amd trumpies in the US.

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Not liking does not equal to sympathy of zionism. Its unreal why cuckolds like Keith woods, Eric Striker or you don't get this. Either you are just dim or willfully ignorant.

I don't like Palestinians who were given refuge in Lebanon and destroyed that country in typical arab muslim fashion. or who go to Europe and commit crimes and violence against natives like any other Arab.

Similarly I don't like Jews who are essentially the main drivers of globalism and liberal degeneracy and the social ruin that accompanies liberalism. You can not support any of them and be happy that they are harming each other

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The ones in Palestine are the ones staying and resisting the theft and occupation of their homeland.

Good for them. Not my problem.

They arent the ones in Europe.

It's the same race. You sound like a leftist crying "Not all!".

I dont get European nationalist's soft spot for zionism.

There's no arguing with someone this dense. I'm done here.

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Just remember. 30 years from now when security contractors operating out of Tel Aviv are flying drones to track down what's left of the European and American resistance to being replaced, while whatever they call the JIDF then is tracking you down online, you said it wasnt your problem.

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I understand supporting Palestinians as a reaction to Jews always championing minorities against the European majority but much of the anti Zionist right wing rhetoric I see comes across like the same type of altruism for foreign people we see from white Leftists.

There is nothing wrong with sympathizing with other groups of people. The problem is when this altruism is weaponized into hating yourself and acting against your own interests, as it has been done by so many "fellow whites" on what now passes for the left.

The propaganda used against the Palestinians is similar to what is used against whites, and its spread by many of the same people. Just look at media coverage of these recent events there and you see the same gaslighting.

When I looked at a newsfeed the first thing I saw was a headline from a mainstream "news" organization that said 'Hamas bombs Israel: 20 people killed, including 9 children in Israel'. That headline was literally fake news, Israel were the ones who bombed the Palestinians and killed 20 people, including the 9 children. Another headline read 'the death toll mounts on both sides as rockets rain down on Israel'. The mounting death toll was almost exclusively on the Palestinian side, and the whole mess was clearly set off by the Israelis who pointlessly physically attacked Palestinians in their own place of worship.

I dont have to agree with the Palestinians on everything to point out that what the media does to them on this issue is basically the same thing they have now been doing to people they've targeted in America and the broader west. It's part of a long pattern that goes back way before the media manufactured 'capital insurrection', or 'mostly peaceful protests', or 'Iraqi WMD'.

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exactly, not all altruism is pathological, no one who supports the Palestinians (on our side) wants them to mass migrate, reparations, or given a privileged status in European countries. Defending a people who are being systematically replaced and wanting UNESCO world heritage sites to not be destroyed is moral.

I searched up the Al-Asqa mosque attack and US capitol protests and they describe the US capitol protestors (more commonly called the US capitol riot, insurrection, coup d'etat, siege, and the storming against "the house of sacred democracy") with much more vehemence, it just sounds like a force of nature that Al-Asqa was burning, a behavior we associate with ISIS.

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I do because what the jews are doing to them is just evil and it makes me sick to my stomach to see injustice, but even if this wasn't the case I'd still oppose them anyway. Palestinians are occupied by the same genocidal jewish terrorists we are, they are engaged in the exact same struggle for national liberation against global finance which is ruled by Jewry.

Even if you lack moral/ethical reasons to oppose their genocide on principle, it's still the correct position to support them purely pragmatically. Another thing to note is look at the people who tell you to be neutral on Israel Palestine, they're all crypto-Zionist shills like Brandon Martinez. The ones who tell you to be pro-Israel are just open shills for your enemies. The anti-Zionist position is the only correct one, and is one shared by all genuine nationalists, if you don't oppose jewry everywhere you oppose it nowhere.

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what the jews are doing to them is just evil and it makes me sick to my stomach to see injustice

I had no idea you were this much into slave morality. Are you a Christian?

Another thing to note is look at the people who tell you to be neutral on Israel Palestine, they're all crypto-Zionist shills

So Richard Spencer is also a crypto-Zionist shill? He doesn't give a fuck about the "one struggle" bullshit.

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This is retarded, do you have asperger's or something? Any normal person is disgusted when they see people being genocided, it's just normal. If you don't have this reaction you are probably on the spectrum or a psychopath or something.

Does he go around telling people you need to remain neutral on Israel Palestine? If he does then yes he's shilling.

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Any normal person is disgusted when they see people being genocided

How the fuck are they being genocided? Their birth rates are above replacement level and their population has been growing for 50 years. There's never been more of them than now.

If you don't have this reaction you are probably on the spectrum or a psychopath or something.

This is literally akin to the "refugees welcome" crowd when they saw the corpse of that boy. I don't give a flying fuck about them. I only care about our people. I simply reject your liberal humanitarianism.

Does he go around telling people you need to remain neutral on Israel Palestine?

He certainly doesn't think we should keep supporting Israel, and I obviously agree with that. But instead shifting our support to Palestine? No. Why on Earth would we want to do that?

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Why do you reject your basic instincts? Ironic that you mention slave morality but then do exactly as modern christians do.

If you saw a man being robbed in a street, you would obviously help because it's right, even if you couldn't rationally explain why, not because of "liberal humanitarianism" lol

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So Richard Spencer is also a crypto-Zionist shill?

Maybe not crypto. He might be an unwitting tool.

He doesn't give a fuck about the "one struggle" bullshit.

Spencer is emblematic of why the alt right went nowhere. You guys never miss an opportunity to make more enemies and further isolate yourselves. While the Jews are wiping you off the internet and using divide and conquer tactics to consolidate their power and control, you obsess over women, feminists, gays, arabs, trannies, e-thots, gypsies, muslims, e-celeb infighting drama and every other distraction under the sun. It's one non stop purity spiral and circular firing squad with you guys.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, the "one struggle" is going to save Europe. Whatever dude.

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Wasn't Richard Spencer literally a zionist though?

I mean he does it for certain purpose, so that they can't deny his case for white nationalism if they're zionist themselves, but he's zionist nevertheless (it's also wrong approach because white nationalism caused zionism according to the lore of 20th century).

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Wasn't Richard Spencer literally a zionist though?

Not really.

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He is in a sense. Obviously he has negative opinions on Israel, jewish influence, etc., but he has said quite literally

I have great admiration for Israel's nation-state law. Jews are, once again, at the vanguard, rethinking politics and sovereignty for the future, showing a path forward for Europeans

It's to own a jews mostly. I wouldn't call him shill though, he's one of best voices out there.

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Do you think Hasidic Jews and hardcore Zionists have any interest in helping Europeans? The closest was Mayer Schiller and he quickly shut up about it (and he was only pro-european since he thought it was a bulwark against black anti-semitism). I don't care at all if Palestineans support us or not, what happened was evil.

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Do you think Hasidic Jews and hardcore Zionists have any interest in helping Europeans?

No, but that is irrelevant. I am not saying we should support Zionists.

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what happened was evil.

There's no such thing as evil.

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Most people would disagree with this.

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Absolutely not. The fall of Israel would be an absolute disaster for the West. Europe would be dealing with six million Jewish refugees and a rabid mob of nuclear-armed Moslems on its doorstep. This is especially problematic considering a mass expulsion of Moslems will be a necessity in the coming decades. Religious Israeli Jews present no threat to Europe; Satanic American Jews do.

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How's the weather in Tel Aviv?

Religious Israeli Jews present no threat to Europe

Lol. Noachide pushers do.

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Europe would be dealing with six million Jewish refugees and a rabid mob of nuclear-armed Moslems on its doorstep.

I doubt it. The Muslims's would probably wipe out a good chunk of the Israeli populace before they could get to Europe or anywhere else for that matter. Israel has spent it's short stint as a nation playing Arabs against eachother using their american military shabbos. They choose this deadly strategy. Now they have to deal with the consequences.

and a rabid mob of nuclear-armed Moslems on its doorstep

Europe already has a mob of Muslims in their home thanks to Israel. Sounds like Israel needs some diversity now as well.

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Far right anti zionists are showing sympathy and compassion towards a group who would never do the same if the situation was reversed.

Back in 1945, both Germany and Japan were committed to destroying the Allies. Yet in modern times, they are all seen as best friends.

People can change, and even harboring this attitude that says "well, what do I get out of it?" is the same mentality fostered by corrupt people in power who only see themselves as being worth anything.

Also, you are ignoring that Palestinians lack any real capacity to support Europeans, even if they wanted to. When your nation is literally living under military occupation for the past 50 years and any real economic development is bombed to dust, then how do you expect the Palestinians to help White people? Hold a pro-White protest in Gaza? Ok, Israel still drops bombs on them. See what I mean?

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Moral issue... not racial.

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They are a human molotov cocktail to be thrown at the Jews

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What are you even talking about? Some of your commentary looks like it comes from a 16 year old who gets their entire worldview from reading the daily stormer and 4chan. Either that or you're a glowposting JIDF shill trying to make people who speak out against the liberal establishment look stupid.

I feel like you need to grow up a little and learn some restraint. I'm all for free speech, including the right to say stupid things, but I feel like you dont really understand the times were living in and the ruthlessness of some of the people you are speaking out against. Venting and being an edgelord might feel good, but there are almost certainly people who monitor every word typed here, and they do not mean you well. The fact antifa and other tools of the establishment can spout incendiary bullshit all day long doesn't mean you can do the same. There is a very clear double standard you dont seem to be aware of.

Think before you type.

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    You are hopelessly naive. Nothing scares the shit out of the Jewish left more than the prospect of the left embracing the Palestinian cause. There is a reason they made destroying Jeremy Corbyn a priority. They have repeatedly kvetched about the possibility that their BLM frankenstein will turn against them and increasingly openly show solidarity with the Palestinians. If that happens it would be completely devastating to them. That you dont understand why that is shows you fundamentally don't understand how Jewish divide and conquer tactics work.

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      If Muslims had the same power, they'd be doing much of the same.

      You can look at India for example. At the time of partition Pakistan was about 25% Hindu and India was about 15-17% Muslim. Now India is still 15-17% Muslim while Pakistan is .1% Hindu. A total ethnic cleansing.

      Or you could see the history of the Balkans. The population of England and Bulgaria were both about 2 million in 1300. In 1878 when Bulgaria was finally liberated from 600 years of Ottoman occupation, its population was still 2 million while England had a population of 30 million or more. That is in addition to millions upon millions of Anglos who migrated to the new world

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      Now do the Jews.

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      It is why the Trotskyite communist neoconservatives switched sides. They saw how anti-Israel the counter-revolution was.

      Zionist Jew Hegelian dialectic is their game. Left-right both controlled by zionist Jews, both playing it off like the other is a nazi.

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      You just supported caspar's position.

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      Arabs? Lol. As if Arabs cannot be Christians?

      Some of the posts on here sound like they are straight out of UNIT 8200.

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      Tone policing.

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      No, we must support Palestinians. It is a moral issue and if Americans can see the mutilated children riddled with bomb shrapnel they might change their mind about giving their taxes (labor) to Zionist foreign agents Jews at the US treasury.

      If you do not support Palestinians on a moral issue, disregarding the PsyOp narrative that Palestine is a Soviet outpost, then you mine as well side with the Zionists under racial Zionism.

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        Stop paying your taxes to Zionist Jews then.

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        Yes, as somone whose family, Armenian, has visited Gaza, I will always support Palestine and its people. They are composed of Muslims and Christians and they are not welfare queens siphoning momey from the US treasury by Zionist Jews who did 9/11 and want to destroy Edom and Esau, the west and Christianity.

        Just think... thisnis how Israel llc treats Palestinians. The US could head in this direction as well.

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        Hey, Zionist, how are you? What's your religion, may I ask? Are you part of the Israeli alt-right?

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        Just because I don't care about "Muh Palestinians!" doesn't mean I like Jews or Israel, far from it. Caring about the poor oppressed Palestinians is slave morality. Palestinian hatred of Israel is entirely based on ressentiment. Fuck both of them. As a European it's none of my business. I also find it very ironic how a guy who can't shut up about Zionists is named Jesus.

        And I'm an atheist.

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        You have a problem with me critiquing Zionism?

        No, it's not. Because in the west we have single loyalty Zionist Jews stealing our labor from the treasury and giving it to the foreign atate of counterfeit Israel. The Palestinian issue is a moral and also purchasing power issue.

        Palestinian hatred of Israel is entirely based on ressentiment.

        That is a reductio ad absurdum if I've ever heard one. Sounds like you're the public relations speaker for the Likud. No, fuck Zionists who at the Basel Zionist congresses decided to commercialize Palestine by the bomb and sword. Even during Ottoman rule Jews were forging documents to steal land. If enough Americans can empathize with the Palestinian struggle, they will see who really controls the US.

        And I'm an atheist.

        So, you're just a racial Zionist then, correct? You want Jews to immigrate to Israel?

        Atheism is the downfall of civilization. No different than Judaic-Bolshevism and what they did to the Slavs.

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        You have a problem with me critiquing Zionism?

        Stop with these pathetic straw man fallacies.


        Doesn't exist. There's just power. Nothing else.

        So, you're just a racial Zionist then, correct? You want Jews to immigrate to Israel?

        No, I'm indifferent to the plight of Israelis or Palestinians. I want both Jews and Arabs removed from Europe. I don't care where they go.

        Atheism is the downfall of civilization.

        I actually agree. The masses need a religion, but Christianity is not it.

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        You don't care that the same people who are ethnically cleansing your people are doing the same thing to another people, and using some of the same media tactics they use to demonize your people to demonize another people who resist them?

        It doesn't matter whether you like or have much in common with the other people they target, the fact is you are both resisting the same people. I dont agree with or support most Palestinian tactics, and I wouldn't call it one struggle, but they are parallel struggles.

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        Have fun saving them.

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        Have fun being a Jewish slave.

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        The SS sent arms to Palestinian resistance. Just saying.

        They basically shipped 25,000 Jews to Palestine via Haavara and then armed the Palestinians 5 years later.