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I'm admittedly an admirer of Putin so I do have my own bias but the most important aspect of modern Russia is for me that it hasn't by and large been infected by liberalism which is a terminal disease with no known cure. Also their foreign policy is a sane counter-pole to the utter insanity and recklessness of Western and especially American foreign policy. There's obviously big problems to overcome and they're not perfect but their problems can be overcome with time.

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Russia has more cases of aids than Brazil and even certain African countries. I would say just because Russians look "White" doesn't mean their way of life is interchangeable with the West. Probably one example where culture plays more importance than just genes.

My opinion of Russia is they firmly sit in the Second World. Great if you're rich or are friends of the oligarchs, but terrible for the other 99% with no way of climbing up.

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just because Russians look "White"

Russians are white.

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Russia has more cases of aids than Brazil...

Brazil is a lot whiter than it's known for by most people, about 50% of its population is white.

...and even certain African countries.

If you were forced to pick, would you rather live in Russia or one of those African countries? I thought so.

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Home to many good Whites but their bumpy ride through history is unique and remarkable and has led to a terrible state of affairs.

I have to make this brief so here's a list * worst of the worst White demographics. They have an aging population combined with alcoholism, sky high single motherhood, divorce, * on top of that come poverty & corruption * jewish control is more entrenched than anywhere. Putin makes Biden look like NJP member. * similarly, White nationalists are true dissidents and the state might just assissinate them * home to a fast growing, confident and protected muslim minority * the worst at the end: the whole Russian mythos is maybe the worst among all Whites. It's a convoluted mess of victimhood, demoralising christianity, imperial ambitions and their own take on globohomo (think DRRR but in global terms).

Russia will continue to be very influential because of size, military strength, resources and political agency. It will slowly be crushed by jewish, Chinese and corporate ambitions.

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I have really mixed feelings on Putin and Russia.

They take in white refugees (like the Boers/Afrikaners, Dutch white South Africans) that literally every other white country explicity refuses take in (even the Netherlands itself) due to the disgusting subversives and traitors that occupy our governments, except for Australia to some degree). They also don't replace their native white population with savages unlike the governments of US-allied white countries, and they seem to be a good force against the neoliberal US-Israeli axis of evil in general.

On the other hand, Putin severely persecutes white nationalists, even more brutally than the US and its allies (based on the stories I've heard at least). Russia (along with the US) is partially to blame for an ongoing brother war with Ukraine, a country whose people are extremely similar to Russians and might as well be considered one people (like Germans and the Dutch or Spaniards and the Portuguese), killing thousands of Russians and Ukrainians alike and turning the lives of thousands (maybe even millions) more into a living hell. Putin's economic policies are also partially the reason why millions upon millions of Russians live in extreme poverty, and it doesn't seem like he has plans to fix that, which is extremely ironic for a supposed nationalist, because you can't be a nationalist in the first place if you don't even think your own people deserve to be taken care of.

I obviously love the Russian people, just like I love all white peoples, and it makes me very angry to think of what the Russian people are going through, but I genuinely don't know what to think of Putin and Russia as a political entity.