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Is he really the one to talk? Argentina has some of the worst inflation in all of South America.

Argentina was great in the past, but they're clearly struggling today.

Edit: Brazil also has a ton of boat immigrants from Europe. It was an integral part of their history up until the 1960s.

That's also not discounting their first Monarch/Emperor was of direct Portuguese descent.

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How accurate is such a statement, though?

From what I've seen on various pie charts, most of Argentina's demographic is 'mestizo'. Enough to constitute the demographic majority in the vast majority of the country, and almost the majority in the rest of it. The same thing is similar in Costa Rica (once majority White, now almost as dysfunctional as its neighbours, a process which accompanies massive demographic change from majority mestizo countries like Nicaragua and Colombia).

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They used to be very white and civilized century or so ago but after decades of immigration from other South American nations they are what they are now.

Amren has a good article on Argentina

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A set of 99 autosomal ancestry informative markers (AIMs) was genotyped in a sample of 441 Argentine individuals to estimate genetic ancestry. We used non-parametric tests to evaluate statistical significance. The average ancestry for the Argentine sample overall was 65% European (95%CI: 63–68%), 31% Indigenous American (28–33%) and 4% African (3–4%).

They're mutts.

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So are you

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Argentines are no longer purely white but it is still a good thing that they reject the wicked indio side and value their European origins.

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Reminds me of how they talk about Whites being immigrants to these countries just like the recent immigrants they're critical of.