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      That's not true. It is a symmetry fallacy

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        A natural predisposition to more tribalistic behaviours is hardly "political" in of itself, but it undeniably affects all areas—political and cultural.

        A lack of consciousness of this reality isn't equivalent to the non-existence of this reality. Comparing the empathy of out-group altruistically-inclined whites to that of other races is ignorant at best and disingenuous at worst.

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        Hailgate is the more apt comparison.

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        Yeah, I won't be surprised at all to find out James Fields is a psyop, he's just too perfect a cartoon character.

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        Jared Taylor said he regards both of these incidents as postive things for that very reason. Not sure if you listened to the podcast yet.

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        which one? This one I'm guessing?

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        I am not sure if we can get republican unity beyond some rhetoric, recently we saw some the figure heads and pundits who are anti-CRT try to out-woke each other, it was so stupid, Claire Lehmann called out James Lindsay for promoting "white genocide theory", and wokal / Lindsay camp calling out her camp for race and IQ. hella cringe and just after this Yale lecturer debacle.

        legislative action needs to be taken, restructuring the civil rights acts needs to be done. Will republicans commit to it?