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CNN is even saying Biden is paving the way for Trump's return. So, why is this a good thing? Because it means the globalist regime is weak and so the worst parts of the Democrat's anti-white and tyrannical agenda will be less likely to be implemented.

No offense to old people, but both Biden and Trump are walking corpses.

I for one am tired of the Boomer rule. How about we get some actual young blood for once to run politics?

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Young or old zog will never let a candidate get into power without being properly vetted and they are all stolen anyway. There are no political solutions at this point. Conservatives collectively withholding their vote will give us a fighting chance.

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Trump is far from a walking corpse.

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He's currently 75 years old. If he ran again in 2024, he would be 78 years old and finish his term at 82.

That's too much of a dinosaur. We need someone who is younger and in touch with this modern generation.

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He may be but does he look and act that age?

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It doesn't matter. Look what happened to Ruth Ginsburg when she refused to get off the bench. They had to keep sticking a needle in her arm just to keep her awake. We don't need Presidents to undergo the same risks.

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Trump looks as healthy as he did back in 2015, he's aged the best of any "post" president and his complete brushing of the coof is an example of it.

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aren't you guys the same person

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What do you think?

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Right. Trump is a bloated corpse and Biden is a rotting one.

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While I agree, it seems no one younger is stepping up to challenge the establishment. At the same time, many 80 year olds are no longer as old as they used to be in previous generations, just from personal experience. I'm not sure what the factors really are, probably some genetics and some lifestyle choices, but I've had 80 year old teachers that seemed like they had at least another decade of work in them.

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Biden is best president America had in at least last two decades, results are of no surprise because

a) you'll always have some percentage of conservative retards who'll vote for low-tax capitalist tranny or wife-beating zio-zombieni**er instead of normal white guy

b) because media shits all over him for doing what most people want

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Shalom, brother Rabinovitch. Long time no see!

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Biden supporters like you are just as bizarre as the Trump supporters. Don't you ever get tired of shilling?

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It's really fun being an insufferable bootlicker, huh?

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yeah biden's approval is going down just cuz of afghanistan but that is his best move, it's just americans love their waste of time wars and never want to leave. Nixon got us out of vietnam and that's the real reason his approval went down with repubs and they wanted him to resign.

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Leaving Afghanistan was Trump's decision, not Biden's. His spending proposals are filled with globalist and anti-white shit. The non-white invasion via Mexico is also accelerating and reaching unprecedented levels, so explain to me how Biden is the "best president in at least two decades".

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He has deported more people than Trump, cancelled $5.8B student debt for the disabled, he has made so that products with Made in America label have 75% share of components actually made in America (it used to be 55%, so companies like Dewalt would brag about being "Made in America" while half of their parts came from Mexico), he's gonna raise taxes on the rich, etc.

In short, destroying the credibility of America while you get new infrastructure and economic help and shit. Perfect combo.

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Please stop using the word "woke" to describe leftists/anti-Whites. You're calling them awakened/enlightened.

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i think it fits cuz if someone is awakened or enlightened, call them awake or enlightened, woke sounds like ebonics because it's the wrong case. You say you woke up, you don't say you are woke, that is retarded.

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The real story in all of this data is the fact that Biden now has a disapproval rating of 62% among Independents. That's a massive problem for the Democrats.

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Trump might return but he'll do the same thing, nothing, no wall or anything, and Q will come back and say just wait again.

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Biden was meant to be a disposable president. His job is to flood the country with as many "migrants" as humanly possible and grant them and the millions already here citizenship. His secondary job is to escalate the war on whites by allowing and expanding censorship, deplatforming and selective government targeting and prosecution while accelerating the purge of whites from positions of power and authority.

They dont care how badly he fucks up as long as he is able to do those things. His administration's incompetence will just be used as evidence we need to get these old white men out of power. He' a figurehead. Most of the key positions in his administration are held by you know who.