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To a large extent it can. Israel has been sabotaging its neighbors since its inception. The long-term goal of a large portion of the Israeli elite is to depopulate the entire Levant to open up space for Greater Israel. They will settle the land with orthodox and chasidic Jews who breed like rabbits and have explosive growth rates and a level of ethnocentrism and fanaticism that is unparalleled by any group on the face of the earth. The same phenomenon is going on in America BTW, with large swathes of NY and NJ threatened by unstoppable, roachlike chasidic expansion. Just look up Lakewood, NJ. It's alarming shit.

Speaking of Lebanon, another factor that plays a role in its sorry state is the fact that it's a nonviable multicultural entity with no religious or ethnic unity. Lebanon shows us how a Muslim minority in a Christian country can quickly become a majority through a combination of higher birth-rates, intimidation tactics and civil war. The Lebanese diaspora is overwhelmingly Christian BTW, mostly people who escaped persecution by the emerging Moslem majority. They also tend to be based. Lebanese Christian money plays an important role on the identitarian French right-wing for example.

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You can't judge a home country based on their immigrants.

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After several generations and when regression to the means kicks in, it does.

The Japanese have been in Western countries for hundreds of years, and they still perform just as well as their home islands. Compare this to African immigrants, where after one generation, they go back to being savage.

Lebanese people are genetically Arab, but prior to Israel messing with them, Lebanon was seen as being Paris adjacent.

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The problem is the culture of corruption and multiculturalism.

They might be majority Christian but they have big religious minorities which bitch and whine and fight for crums for themselves rather than engaging in solidarity and making the country better. Multiculturalism in much of the world means you are going to get treated differently by members of your own group and other in all kinds of situations Westerners don't have to worry about. You can't get given different prices in shops, different treatment in hospital, etc. This has a huge knock on effect on societal trust which then means people don't want to work for the common good.

Then corruption. Again in the West we whine about corrupt elites but in a corrupt society you can be asked to bribe just for walking down the street the wrong time of day. It's everywhere and it's oppressive. You see people succeeding only because they've paid the right people and you give up and stop trying. The people at the top siphon money out of the country so investment falls and things don't get fixed.