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Andrew Anglin wrote an article about this about a month ago. Wish I could find it. Basically there has never been a more clear good guys vs. bad guys scenario. The American-Israeli regime literally wants to chop off my sons dick and make him worship niggers. There's not really much else to talk about after that. I'm not pulling for that team.

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This. It's as simple as this. Often, there's no need for complex philosophical ponderings. The decisions are very simpe and straight forward.

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I don't support any of them for a variety of reasons. Russia and China are after totalitarian population control, they may have different characteristics compared to the West and especially USA, but still the principle remains the same. Obviously both have cultural elements that I respect, but the state is following a common theme which is total control and surveillance of its citizens.

Right now many people believe that since West has become totally decadent, the solution is to become objects of some other country. They even portrait those countries as ideal, which is definitely not the case. I'm afraid that they are gonna be disappointed in the future.

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They even portrait those countries as ideal,

You're right, there are some people who might think the russian or chinese model is ideal, but I think most of us realize these are still backwards countries, but support them regardless because they want to see the globehomo regime disrupted or destroyed.

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They are fighting ZOG and the American world order

As a Slav I see Russia fighting against another Slavic nation - killing their brothers and sisters.

What a brainless take.

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What was WW2 if not a brother war? And there were still clear cut good and bad sides then as well. A conflict can be, and Ukraine is, simultaneously a struggle against American hegemony and a tragic brother war. I don't think you will find anyone serious here who condones whites killing whites, but let's not pretend that's all there is to the conflict.

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But isn't attempting to free them from Zelensky's Jewish yoke a just cause, even if some blood is shed?

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Imagine a world populated by tens of billions of mulattoes and sub-saharans, who spend their days engaging in violence, cannibalism, and the most grotesque acts of sexual deviancy. A world of subhumans that is sustained by a vast machine workforce controlled by a centralized AI.

I can't imagine a world Jews created that they don't profit from. I'd imagine it's a world of fat childish mutts flailing against each other before pacified by the content creation machine that regurgitates meaningless media specifically for the benefit of a central few.

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The thing with peddling vice is that sooner or later, the peddler himself indulges in it. If you throw mud, eventually, it will cover your own body as well. We see that with the Jews today who become fags and trannies themselves.

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This AI follows the last directives given to it by its Jewish and white creators: Take care of the human population.

Lol as if Jews would ever be that benevolent. Guess you never heard of the Samson doctrine. If Jews were ever in danger of suffering the same fate their elite have in store for us, they'd try to take the entire human race with em. Their last orders for any AI would be if the last Jew goes, nuke everybody.

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After the events of the last year, I've unsubscribed from the more radical Jewish conspiracy mindset.

They operate according to a mindset and a revolutionary/cultural vandalism spirit.

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The events of the last year...The time period when Jews were given nearly all the key national and domestic security positions in the Biden administration, and then went masks off and used this power to further escalate the censorship and targeting of whites while opening the borders up completely, and have since been risking ww3 by attempting regime change in Russia.

Since like an odd time period to come to the conclusion this whole JQ thing is just overblown. Every time Ive tried to convince myself it's overstated I see more evidence that its actually worse than I thought.

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If you destroy the Earth's ecology it will collapse.

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An AI overlord could run things for thousands of years. Life standards would go grow unbelievably shit but nig nogs are used to that. An AI-run state would be incredibly resilient as it would be run rationally and efficiently without the various psychological and mental neuroses and decay that mark human societies.

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But without a functioning ecology that's impossible.

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Imagine a world populated by tens of billions of mulattoes and sub-saharans, who spend their days engaging in violence, cannibalism, and the most grotesque acts of sexual deviancy.

I'm sure that there would be a downside too.