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State power is all that matters. White South Africans can make their lovely little communities and businesses over decades and it will take one marxist government to seize all of that and sic the negro hordes on them Question is, do these white communities have weapons and armed militias? Would they have the strength to defy the SA government diktats?

What if the government sics the army on them?

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Yes but state power decomposes when in the power of 55 IQ baboons. Africans quite literally are unable to coordinate enough to eliminate the whites as a whole and if they were then it would've been done by now.

Edit: Damn they rlly made a flair just for me 🥺

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Exactly. And this is the difference between the two sides.

Even when there is no persecution, the left knows to cry victim and get its way. Even when there is active persecution, the right tries to virtue signal by showing off its success.

Don’t know who the host is but one hell of a foolish thing to do.

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In the video, he said the Black government likes to "pretend" they're in charge. Basically, it's the "we wuz kangz" meme come to life.

They care more about driving around in expensive cars with giant motorcades following them then actually ruling over the country. He also brought up the EFF or the actual Marxists who want to steal land, but he said it's the same thing. They're too incompetent to be a threat anymore and they just want to play with shiny rocks instead.

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And even though he no longer lives there, this video gives insight on how South African Whites think, and why Elon Musk is easily the richest man in the world.

Natural selection forced the Whites to create a parallel society where no one has to depend on the [black own] government. If the local postal office got destroyed by Blacks, the Whites started to deliver mail to each other. The more they did this, the better they got at running their own mail system.

He also said the Private Security outnumbers the government police 3:1.

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Sure thats great for South Africa. But Whites will always be a massively outnumbered minority and the majority of the country will be a shithole. We need something more than libertarianism here.

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In the video, I recall the South African did praise projects like Orania, and even cited it as proof that the lack of restrictions can be used for forming white communities.

He also mentioned that South Africa is a huge place, geographically speaking, and the areas not ran by the ANC have much better paved roads and are comparable to other rich countries.

Edit: And there's another segment where he compares black riots in South Africa vs the BLM ones in America. He said the riots in South Africa are shorter (2 weeks) and all the private businesses got together and kept order. But the riots in America lasted longer, even though the U.S government had all the power to stop it.

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Even if true, it’s stupid to announce this. Don’t run a victory lap so soon.

Success will mark you out as a target and set you up for further existence in the shadows. Stay quite, build unity and hide your strengths.

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It also helps keep the quality of the whites high. South African men have to be masculine, since they have to be able to defend themselves and their community. They have to be able to fix things and provide for a family. South African women become more feminine since being a single, fat ugly feminist isn't a good strategy in a collapsed country. Having no welfare state promotes high fertility and strong family bonds.

The harsh conditions of south africa reduce dysgenics as the worst whites are incapable of sustaining themselves there and people will select for more important traits in dating rather than superficial ones.

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I am afraid that this reminds me too much of Reddit.
You might "make your own" subreddits, but if you ever grow, they'll take it away from you.

Power and strength is the only thing that matters.