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I see you don't order anything from China. I can't get my tea. I can't get my lithium batteries. They've been shut down for 2 months. And when they reopen, there's going to be one hell of a backlog -- assuming they bother fulfilling their obligations.

It really makes you question how we can switch to an energy market dependent on lithium batteries when China is the Lithium Battery Store.

And why do I even need lithium batteries? Because my old ones are dead. They don't last. We can't switch to electric unless we want to be dependent on China.

And China is closed.

So we need to abandon this green deal, look at the bank accounts of the politicians who pushed it, and cut China the fuck off already.

Not sure why anyone would be cheerleading for China rn, their situation looks awful.

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Cheerleading for China encourages the destruction of the American empire, which leads to the destruction of the Jewish stranglehold, which leads to the elimination of the negro horde problem.

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China taking over Taiwan won't make black people disappear

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No but it will be funny

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Strategically, it’s not just winning in Asia. It is winning in Africa, it is ready to take over Middle East, it is potent in Latin American.

Russian enemies is going to cost a lot.