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RIP bozo bojo, you won't be missed.

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He was the most nationalist politician in Britain

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More nationalist than Oswald Mosley? Or Enoch Powell?

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It's sarcasm.

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I meant current Britain

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Unless you were making a joke, you would be wrong. Johnson is not even the most nationalist man in the Conservative party. Not that there are many nationalists there.

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I was joking obviously. But Johnson is probably the most nationalist man in mainstream British politics right now and he's a zio-globalist immigration shill.

British politics is unbelievably cursed.

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I remember that he survived a leadership spill a few weeks or perhaps over a month ago.

Given that Johnson raised immigration, pursued the 'Green agenda' better than they ever could and did not one single thing in office that I could call 'conservative', it seems like a classic case of Labour and other Leftists simply being unappeasable. Indeed, many of these people are so radical and/or stupid that they still say that the Tories are 'Far-Right'.

I never understood how it is that during Theresa May's Primeministership, some 'Dissident Right' people actually thought that Johnson might actually be an improvement. In hindsight, I think he might have actually turned out worse than May, who at least on occasion said a few agreeable things.

Today, too many people in positions of power behave as though they have more in common with international elites than with the people down the road, the people they employ, the people they pass on the street ... but if you believe you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere. You don’t understand what citizenship means.

Compare to this alleged Hitler quote:

[the] clique ... people who are at home both nowhere and everywhere, who do not have anywhere a soil on which they have grown up, but who live in Berlin today, in Brussels tomorrow, Paris the day after that, and then again in Prague or Vienna or London, and who feel at home everywhere.

Of course, the Left-liberals saw this similarity between May's criticism of the world citizen and Hitler's words above, and thus believed that May was literally Hitler.

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Is the Uk fucked up beyond repair, or is there at least a small hope for them?

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Working class Brits are overwhelmingly anti-immigration & anti-woke. Problem is they have no political power, and anybody that attempts to organise on the this platform is immediately either defunded, defamed, arrested, or all of the above. Mark Collett's Patriotic Alternative hasn't even been allowed to register as a party due to their policies breaching the "Equalities Act".

Is there hope, right now no. In the future, absolutely yes. As the West degenerates the rules of the game are going to see a major shakeup allowing groups that are considered "extreme" today to have a shot at taking power.

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Now Boris has the time to take up horseback riding and can prove his shirtless equestrian masculinity exceeds Putin's.