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Euro growing weaker will make imports more expensive and since Europe imports most raw materials for its industry, it means rising prices for industrial producers on top of the already heavy inflation and gas/oil shortages.

I for one hope that European economies completely collapse. Their industries shut down due to lack of gas, oil and raw materials, or because they are uncompetitive on the world stage due to their high costs.

Total poverty and return to third world standards for Europe. That will destroy the welfare states and stop the diversity inflow and many of the existing diversity will leave.

At the very least, millions of eastern Europeans will leave these nuthouses and go back home and save their bloodlines from mulattofication.

Gott bestraft Europa

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I don't think the invaders will leave. They'll just try to take what they can by force.

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Well, at least the slavs, eastern Euros, and Volga Deutsch will leave these nut houses. Western Europe will submit to its negro masters but Eastern Europe will carry on the fire of European civilization.

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"Eastern Europe will carry on the fire of European civilization"

Theyre shrinking even faster than the west. And their women arent as trad as you hope they are -------->

Their young women are as leftist as their western counterparts

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Disgusting world we live in.

It doesnt even makes sense to have hope at this point.

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Why are you so black pilled on western europe caspar?

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Is there any reason to be white pilled?

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French and especially italian far right (Meloni in particular) has grown dramatically.

Youth support for the far right in france in has been growing non stop since the start of the century.

My opinion is that good morale is key, if you're blackpilled then you've already surrendered and lost.

Pessimism is a luxury that a Jew can never allow himself.

We should adopt this saying.

Pessimism is a luxury that an european can never allow himself.

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Gott strafe Deutschland! Gott Strafe Deutschland!