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They are still measuring the respective dicks in order to see who have the longest one. The parliament is asked to vote about the government itself and I doubt it will fall, because if it falls the parliamentarians aren't going to get the lifelong pension they get for a full 5 service. So yeah we'll see, don't hold your breath.

If the government actually fall i expect the EU to find a way to influence elections with the threat of the recovery founds. Otherwise there will be a right wing coalition with Meloni and i don't know if she will try some sheninegans to gain something from the war, but at least she will be hardcore against the next immigration wave. Bear in mind, the left tried trice in the last two years to change the citizenship law to implement the ius soli but was cockblocked every time by all the right wing, even the liberals. So i kinda trust that she will do something about immigrants. Nothing crazy anyway.

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Under Salvini illegal immigration was around 6000 invaders, under Lamorghese it's around 60 000, a decrease of 90% towards Salvini numbers would be great.

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What's your take on Matterella? He seems to be a hardcore lib scum.

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He is indeed a lib scum, otherwise wouldn't have rejected the dimission - I'd he was even partially honest in fact he would have called new elections before the COVID, when the league tried to break away from 5stars in order to get a new parliament with a right wing majority. He is trying as hard as he can to save draghi.

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Things are looking fairly good in Continental Europe with regards to electoral politics. Poland and Hungary are solidly on our side, Denmark is now anti-immigration, and genuine Right-Wing parties are firmly entrenched in even France and Germany.

Our Continental strategy seems far more complex than the Trumpism of America, however. The European Right Wing strategy seems to be elite-based, leveraging social status, money, establishing think tanks, etc.

We've come along way the past 5 years.

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The fact that Salvini was part of the current government is the probable cause of decline in support in the polls, I hope that after this he will start regaining the lost support.

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He's a shill.

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I don't know about that, he's heavily anti immigration and mentioned the great replacement as Meloni did. He was also up until recently very pro Putin.

You should check his Instagram page, almost every post is something about crimes committed by immigrants and attacks on immigration in general.

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No, Salvini.

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No, I meant how good is meloni?

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Fratelli d'Italia is one of the successor parties to the MSI, which is itself considered the successor party to the Italian Fascist Party. My impression is that Meloni and her associates represent the more bourgeois, reformist, family-oriented tendency of this tradition, in contrast to the more radical, masculine or revolutionary ones. If we take Chinese terminology as inspiration, you could probably call her platform 'Fascism with Soccer Mom Characteristics'.

I am taking it for granted that the FdI are putting up a more moderate front, though. My assumption is that they've got more in store than what they advertise publicly. If I am mistaken, that would mean that the closest parallel to Meloni's politics is instead Pat Buchanan.

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I hope so. I'm just shell shocked from how much Euro ''populists'' have cucked over the years.

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That's what populism is like. It's formless and without principles.

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The primordial truth of strength, beauty and order >>> obsolete ideologies, tradition and obsolete religions (Christianity/Islam/Judaism)

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That's a good take

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I bet she's better than Salvini.