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What can we say about the mind of those who aren't startled, bothered, or distracted by noises that irritate the hell out of most others?

They're not trying to concentrate on anything. Perhaps a time preference issue.

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It's a feature that helps them cause white flight, which helps them take over white areas. The same is true for violence, rape, etc. It is a feature, not a bug.

Imagine if blacks feared for their life every day while living in white neighborhoods. They would move elsewhere quickly. I am talking about an actual fear with action behind it.
Would Jews live in white neighborhoods, if they feared the very sight of us?

If Whites marched weekly every saturday, the world would be whiter quicker.

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I have been driven to literal tears of frustration in my work environment. I write code and analyze financial data and for me it requires concentration and quiet. When I complained about people right next to me having loud speakerphone convos I was accused of racism. There is a big difference in noise tolerance between whites and blacks.

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They're adapted to it. Think about how noisy it was in the jungle when they were developing as a subspecies.

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Lol, reminds me of this (headphones warning):

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I think everyone that lives in a city gets use to it on some level.

I do agree that non whites seem more tolerant (or even prefer it).

Perhaps the calmness of their head space requires its counter balance and vice versa for whites. I can only speculate.

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Reminded me of John von Neumann, who could only work in chaotic conditions.

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Generally low IQ people enjoy noise. It happens with low IQ whites as well, but for obvious reasons it's more prevalent in certain ethnic groups.

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What do you mean noise? If you're talking about music, well, a lot of Mexican culture is German culture, and a lot of Mexican music is really German music.

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Noisy areas literally drive me crazy. I can't imagine not being bothered by it.

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Personally I seem to be more bothered by high pitched noises than whites while less so by lower pitched noises. If there's construction going on, it makes me damn near grind my teeth but a loud engine seems mostly imperceptible for me at least. Drove a u-haul box truck for 8 hours with this anglo boomer recently, he said the engine hurt his ears but I barely noticed. On the other side this one time I got a splitting headache from a high pitched whining a shitty classroom tube tv was emitting, the rest of the class was white/asian and didn't notice.