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Just because Twitter retards are celebrating, it doesn't mean the site was automatically good. It's a fucking cesspool filled with faggots who gossip and stalk people all the day.

It's a major blow for fucking losers, not for online non-mainstream right lol

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Name another site with even close to as much traffic wehre one is able to call Bruce Jenner, or say Ellen page has zippertits...

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Any site lol, they haven't been deplatformed for that, but for doxing people and harassing them. Yes, some tranny also gets inconvenienced sometimes, but what makes you better than a no-lifer tranny if everything you do is stalk trannies and talk about what they posted?

Besides, I won't even discuss why KF is bad because it'll give them undeserved publicity, although you can check it out for yourself with the search function, if you apply it critically.

EDIT: also LOL @ zippertits

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Actually, Jordan Peterson and a few others were temporarily banned from tweeting because they questioned the logic behind Page's name. And they're plain conservative, think of that. If you've seen Twitter then you know the right has been through a lot, from Anglin, to Trump, to whatever's going on now.

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No.... Faceberg, no (would never go there anywat) twitter no, reddit obviously no..Stoemdrsin gtfo. Maybe Stumble Inn, does that have traffic though?

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I partially agree. However, it's a great archive of degeneracy that helps to redpill people. Look into the 'tranch'. I would not have known about it had kiwifarms not stalked and mocked such a place.

Check it out:

Oh wait. You can't. The site is blocked.

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Oh wait. You can't. The site is blocked.

You could've if you replaced it with .ru instead of .net, but now it's temporarily down.

I saw it now through though.

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I have heard rumors that Kef (the main subject of the KF drama) faked some of this or that they have done some unreputable things. Can't confirm it though.

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Yes, he did, all of the above.

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Do hope we get more confirmation and that the word gets out.

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No absolute confirmation, but pretty certain, using common sense, etc.

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Well they are vastly calling KiwiFarms a RW site since it finally got b@ for being anti-transgender and not just for any other antics they have been in over the years. The site's head says the removal might be trouble for others as well in an interview.

CloudFlare was also the same ones who did away with 8ch and the Stormer quite quickly.

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The issue is that, to my knowledge, today it is not possible to run a website without CloudFlare. Perhaps things have changed now, but CloudFlare basically used to have a monopoly on anti-DDOS services. If they are now in the habit of just kicking any site that they don't like off the web, that does not bode well for what's left of civil liberty.

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Sure is, KiwiFarms switched to DDoS-Guard now. It's what Russia Today has been using as well.

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I haven't heard of that one before. Maybe I should read up more on the tech situation.

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They held their ground for quite a while, but I'm not sure what triggered the ban on KF to take effect since there hadn't been too much with the situation going on right before hand. I guess they are a little lenient than some other platforms, and they only dropped DS/8ch that quick because those were part of stories everyone in politics was focusing on, whereas Kiwi is more niche.

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The only people I know who use KiwiFarms are leftists. Some right-leaning online personalities have been chiming in in defence of KiwiFarms, though, so I don't know if it was a leftist or rightist website, or if it was shared by people from both sides.

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Think of it as 4chan's /b/, it's just scoundrels who post dox threads and jack off to traps. Aesthetically right, spiritually left, but ultimately neither.

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Someone had to say it. "Lolcow" culture is for sociopaths.

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As far as I am aware, there was some drama with a trans activist/online personality who didn't like KiwiFarms. I have heard that there was some foul play with false flags about swatting, doxxing, and other alleged lethal threats against this person originating from KiwiFarms, but I don't know what the truth really is. Anyway, that's how the campaign to take the website down got started. If I recall correctly, the activist goes by the username of "keffals". I only have the most surface level information on this, so if you put any basic research of your own into this matter, you will probably know a lot more than I do.

I suppose this is just another example of the apparent nigh omnipotence of trans activists on the internet. I wonder if they would succeed in deplatforming Rowling if they really tried their hardest.

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I hope they are able to hold on. I would say, just go mum until this frenzy all blows over.

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    What's the deal with KF?

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    Check my other comment I just wrote.