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I was gonna write up a post for this but never got around to it.

Were you at the NJP event?

It was such a whitepill, I always feel pumped of for about a week afterwards.

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Nah I'm English, I'm just part of the global network of Duginist shills promoting fellow members of our shadowy cabal.

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I'm not as whitepilled as you but it's a good sign that WN movements have filtered out all the grifters and trashy people and have been left with a core of dedicated and sincere people who are devoted to the cause.

Hopefully, they can attract more whites of good character and means and eventually form a significant political movement.

Remember goys, what's important is not having a huge mass of men, its having a critical mass of good men.

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I like NJP. I also like what Mark Collet is doing with Patriotic alternative in the UK.

its having a critical mass of good men.

Totally agree. The Patriotic alternative events are also pretty normie friendly so lots of sympathetic women are joining and the events are becoming a place to meet a wife in the movement. I think that's something the NJP and PF should look at. We could be in this cold race war struggle for 50 years until we get a proper ethnostate so we might as well meet like minded people and form families and communities in the meantime.

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Remember goys, what's important is not having a huge mass of men, its having a critical mass of good men.

This is why I think the alt right is ultimately useless. This is horrible advice. You need the masses on your side, you HAVE the masses on your side because there's several hundred million whites on this planet and in almost every instance, they still make up the majority of the countries they reside in. It is in their own self interests not to allow themselves to be demonized, discriminated against, ethnically cleansed, physically attacked, and slandered. This is why Jewish power is on such inherently shaky grounds. It continually requires whites actively discriminate against themselves, or at least passively allow it to happen, for it to continue.

If you have numbers on your side why would you intentionally piss that away in purity spirals and chest thumping historically outdated bullshit about strong men seizing power. This idiotic Richard Spencer mentality is everything wrong with the alt right, and conservatives in general. You guys spend way more time picking fights with other whites over stupid ideological bullshit than doing anything constructive, and no marching around in fucking uniforms chanting slogans while using Nazi rhetoric and imagery while Jewish media mock you and Jewish dominated power prosecutes you is not even remotely constructive.

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The post you are responding to does not make any of the arguments that you evidently wish to criticise.

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I quoted the point I was specifically responding to, but thanks. Since you "evidently" didn't understand that or the relevance of the quote, I will address it once again in a slightly different manner. I'm opposed to the idea of marking yourself as a target for Jewish lawfare, slandering and deplatforming because thats what the Nazis did 100 years ago and it worked for them(up until they destroyed getmany in a disasterous world war). I think its exactly what they want, which is why they continually bait people with shit like trannie story hour. I think a better method would be to explain to whites what they are facing and to appeal to their sense of morality and fairness, as well as their own self interest to oppose it, without further dividing whites into ideological friends and enemies.

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You wrote two paragraphs in response to a single line, which, in all honesty, is not really objectionable at all. Everybody knows that it is better to be in good company than not. Your current reply also seems somewhat divorced from reality. I don't think anyone on earth would disagree with the assertion that rational explanation and appeals to morality have value. That's basically a platitude, isn't it?

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You wrote two paragraphs in response to a single line

So? I just made it three paragraphs now. Sue me.

There's a backstory here to be fair. It's about these little dissident marching clubs winding up doing more harm than good, both for the people involved and for whites in general. That's fine if people want to do SOMETHING and that's what they come up with, but so far it hasn't ended well for those involved. That's just the reality.

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The effectiveness of marches very much depends on where they occur. To my knowledge, NJP have a had a lot of success with marches, because they do them in areas that are sympathetic to them instead of travelling halfway across the country in order to march in an Antifa controlled area.

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One thing that is easy to notice with Left-liberal extremists is that they don't venture far. I first noticed that back in the George Floyd riots: even though these scum had more of a problem with the Republicans (who they tend to think are 'fascists') than the Democrats (who they tend to think are 'conservatives' or the 'semi-fascists' Biden accuses Trumpians of being), they only really caused havoc in their own deep blue cities, and usually in the city centres of said cities.

There was a time when some of these pricks actually went to start trouble in some town only for the locals to beat them up; the morons returned to their deep blue safe spaces in whichever city whence they came.

The same thing happened after the SCOTUS decision on Roe: the scum rioted most of all in deep blue cities such Los Angeles, Portland and Salem. The most that some managed was travel to Richmond, Virginia, where the Supreme Court is: but plenty of pro-life protesters also traveled there to surround that place. Considering that Richmond is also very deep blue (the only Republican mayoral candidate got 0.5% of the vote last mayoral election), much worse could have happened there.

That leads me to think that so long as deep blue cities are avoided, that only leaves the State's dregs as posing a problem to groups like the NJP; but not the dregs of the Far-Left, who are only going to Tweet about it from afar. As long as no one gets the dumb as rocks idea of marching somewhere like downtown LA (i.e. deep blue and overwhelmingly nonwhite), I think they'll be fine.

Charlottesville, however, voted 85.5% Democrat in the last Presidential election, and the Republicans don't even stand mayoral candidates in that city (there are only Democrats and independents), so whoever thought that it was a good idea to go there was an absolute moron. Areas with a low level of Democrat support are clearly much safer: the few Antifa who might be around won't bother showing up if they know they'll be heavily outnumbered.

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That town was only chosen as it was Jason Kessler and Vanguard's homes. I'm sure there were many more choices for towns with Confederate statues anyway.

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Remember goys, what's important is not having a huge mass of men, its having a critical mass of good men.

What's important is convincing whites that it is ok to advocate for their own interests and that those that oppose this do so out of their own self centered ethnocentric interests and are therefore hypocrites. They dont want you to do what they themselves do. This is the Jewish achilles heel. The nakedly hypocritical behavior.

At the same time it's important to remember that you are being hunted, and right now you win simply by surviving while the current neocon ruled system grows ever closer to collapse. In the mean time, if you give them the rope, they will hang you with it, so caution is of the essence and be wary of people who go a little too hard on pushing people to join these large groups that might not be honeypots, but do get you put on lists and expose you in other ways. We all have to accept some risk. Just posting on this sub is a calculated risk, but ultimately we must do and speak up for what is right while also accepting the limitations of living in a society completely dominated by hostile Jewish money and power.

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The nakedly hypocritical behavior

Spot on.

In this sense, chutzpah expresses both strong disapproval and condemnation. In the same work, Rosten also defines the term as "that quality enshrined in a man who, having killed his mother and father, throws himself on the mercy of the court because he is an orphan."

They take ethnic pride in this behaviour. That's how pathetic they are.

Their morals are simply horrible which is why it is so easy to point out, once you see reality for what it is.

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How's your training going nowadays?

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Better. I'm devoting separate days to each part of the body a week.

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At the moment, this is the only hope that anyone has to fulfill the counter-revolution against today's post-revolutionary bilge on the macro-level. We can think of the three main ways that our people have believed that transformative social change is possible. Here, I do not bother with accelerationism because South Africa being crime-ridden and 85% nonwhite or more has not led to any mass awakening, leading me to believe that there is no particular tipping point so long as the process of regressive thirdworldization happens gradually enough, which has been the case so far. (South African Whites have simply became accustomed to their environment, which is likely already the case with Whites who choose to remain in places like Detroit, and this allows them to cling to 'normie' politics.) Here I obviously also exclude micro-level activities seemingly all of which involve 'going irl', the leading of which is the 'parallel society' and forming communities of like-minded people. Obviously if millions of people did the latter, we would be in a very good position (it is simply impossible for them to kill and imprison so many people without validating so much of our worldview, i.e. that Whites are being persecuted simply for the innocuous and morally unobjectionable 'crime' of voluntarily seeking to separate themselves from the crumbling, self-destructive, regressive melting pot of 'humanity'). But thinking on this right now I also think that the formation of groups like PA is also the best step to forming such communities, because it is only in those groups that I see any progress being made in this regard. So let us think solely on the societal level, the macro-level.

Firstly, entryism into centre-right parties has only ever led to mass expulsion of the entrants. In my country (not America) I've seen this happen twice: here, the centre-to-right-leaning mainstream party keeps sliding in a socioculturally radical Left direction and is very resistant to any attempt to reverse that slide. Over the past few years, they've really reduced the numbers of remaining Burkean, paleoconservative types to make way for more centre-to-centre-left neoliberal shitheels whose only interest is in 'jobs', 'GDP' and the like. The same thing is happening in America with all the homos and the Trans-Jenner in the GOP: unable to withstand the Leftward drift, they keep clinging to all sorts of endless compromises with the Left. The GOP's clutching onto perceived lifelines like Kanye West (who has only ever made political donations to radically 'progressive' black Democrats), Elon Musk (who claims that he supports the 'Left-wing of the Republican Party' and the 'Right-wing of the Democratic Party') and Tulsi Gabbard (who only ever became very marginally tolerable most recently) shows their outright desperation. Obviously, all of these perceived lifelines would only ever drag the GOP further in the Democrats' direction.

Secondly, pushing our ideas into the centre-right (i.e. our ideologies controlling their party machinery) in a way that they replace those of the centre-right is progressing too slowly. Yes, segments of the centre-right (particularly in America, I think) seem to have become slightly more J-woke. However, there are too many beliefs which we have, most of which have made no inroads into the centre-right despite our pushing them for decades. After all, most of what the Trumpians have appropriated are memes such as Pepe and Kek, but since these are not accompanied by a genuine appropriation of our beliefs (viz. what actually matters), then they are actually doing more harm to us than good. The reason for this is that by adopting our imagery and not our beliefs, they give the false image of being genuinely counter-revolutionary and thus serving as a pacifier, exactly as the centrist-neoliberal Trump Administration did: at times nationalistic and transformative in rhetoric and yet changing nothing in practice. Furthermore, the ardent philo-Semitism surrounding Trumpianism has served as a wall preventing even the normalization even of this singular belief in 'anti-Semitism'. We've seen the responses to the GDL's posters: shitheel GOP politicians are still outright condemning them. We can only ever say that 'anti-Semitism' has made significant inroads once GOP politicians shut their stupid mouths over what the GDL are doing: only at that point can we safely say that philo-Semitism is no longer politically rewarding and is thus is capable of generating a backlash. Obviously, a politician's overt philo-Semitism is a reflection of his voters' philo-Semitism: even a politician indifferent to Jews will be an ardent philo-Semite if that's what his voters expect.

But here we see that the third and last option really is working, even if it is easy to dismiss on the grounds that electoral victories are impossible. But, regardless, we can clearly see that these three events all occurring—without any low-IQ degenerate Far-Left 'anti-fascist' shitwits and the mindless 'ZOGbot' pigs causing enough trouble to 'shut it down'—is possibly the best thing we've seen in years.

I am hoping that this growth is not merely a reaction to the Biden Presidency, which is every bit the trainwreck Leftoids said the Trump Presidency would be, plus extra. After all, we were growing much faster during the fool Obastard's time, whereas the 'Trump slump' had no positive effect for us, leading people back to entryism and Trumpianism. The Trump years, however, saw the Far-Left more emboldened and brazen, strengthened rather than weakened, whereas it is more difficult to see what good they did for us.

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Obviously, a politician's overt philo-Semitism is a reflection of his voters' philo-Semitism: even a politician indifferent to Jews will be an ardent philo-Semite if that's what his voters expect.

Agree with everything up to here except this. Politicians just do what they're paid to do and Shlomo is paying them, not their voters. Voters'/pubic opinion on stuff has literally no bearing on what happens in America (or any democracy). There was a huge study on this I used to talk about on the old subs, I can find it in the archive if you want it.

whereas the 'Trump slump' had no positive effect for us, leading people back to entryism and Trumpianism

I'm not sure about this, I think people are becoming more willing to organise than they were in the past and better educated on how the system works and such. I remember 2015/2016 discourse in the alt right was almost all retarded, even the smart guys had a bunch of straight up wrong ideas like 'pathological altruism' and 'whites are naturally individualistic' cognitive dissonance. Nowadays there is much more clarity and precision, at least if you're following the smart guys and not shills and jabronis. PF and NJP both have come up during the Trump presidency, I can't think of any equivalent level orgs from the Obama era. TWP was the best but they made a bunch of dumb mistakes too, the other predecessor groups to these were pretty much all shit.

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I remember 2015/2016 discourse in the alt right was almost all retarded

Indeed, it was. I started around late 2013 or possibly very early 2014 at the latest. In 2015-16 I used to frequent the TRS forum, and as you say, there were far more memes and trolling, and far more infighting and banning of people who were either degens or hostile trolls. It was more like 4chan pol (which I've never frequented) than anything else I can describe. Nowadays, however, I see less of those types around. I remember some loser calling himself 'Zon Kuthon' who particularly seemed to be mentally ill and who was finally banned after threatening to doxx someone if they didn't send him money. Next to outright infiltrators, it's these kinds of insane, criminally inclined shitheels that are most counter-productive to the cause.

Since Antifa degens have little access to functional people that would 'pass' as 'Far-Right' that mostly leaves the problem of the classic 'Feds', the state agents. Now, that isn't to say that there haven't been Far-Left non-state infiltrators in the past. I remember around 2015 that some idiot with a general skinhead appearance got into the NSM. Of course, the NSM had a lot of low-quality people, making it easier for Antifa to pass. He stole one of their flags and burnt it for his Facebook profile pic. But usually they're suspicious: one Antifa got into PF maybe a year ago, but people noticed that he was particularly out-of-shape and was probably also a homosexual. However, I think he was to do with the PF leaks because someone stupidly put him near their computer systems before he disappeared. We do need to get better at sniffing out infiltrators, particularly since they demotivate people from actually 'going irl', and the fear of them keeps people online.

I think the whole immature infighting/trolling/constant banning thing big in those times is still going on over at Telegram, but I've never used it to see for myself. I remember that Zoltanous character complaining about people spamming CP in his Telegram group. More recently, an older fellow by the name of TexasVet was lambasting one of the GDL people, who kept pushing the idea that he is a Fed. Whatever the case, I do think that a lot of the less serious and more subversive types have faded away over the years.

As for the 'Trump slump', I suppose I missed the obvious fact that PF and NJP did not predate the Trump era. I didn't really know anything about the TWP other than they existed, either. What I'm basing this on is the fact that so many people had confidence particularly in Trumpianism (e.g. that it would be the nucleus of a much larger 'Alt-Right' and that we were 'going mainstream'). This was, I remember thinking at the time, a total media fabrication. Basically, the mass media misappropriated the term 'Alt-Right' for a time and started using it all of a sudden to smear Trump, such that there was even a time when Trump claimed to be 'Alt-Right' until someone pointed out to him what it actually was and he naturally disavowed it. There was even a period for a few months where Trump supporters were calling themselves 'Alt-Right' and accusing us of bizarrely stealing 'their' label. But it ceased almost as rapidly as it started. I noticed years later that Greg Johnson seemed to think that was the apex of the movement: perhaps it was, but it was obvious that Trumpianism is very different from the 'Alt-Right', and if the Trumpianists kept using the label, it would have forced us to stop using it then and there. We couldn't possibly control the Trumpianists because they vastly outnumber us: there's millions of them. Rather than the 'Alt-Right' turning them into ethnonats, they'd end up controlling the 'Alt-Right' and turning it into civic nationalism instead.

Now, the reason why the mass media called Trump 'Alt-Right' was obviously to harm him by linking him to 'extremists', obviously with the intent of damaging his reputation among the masses. But those messages were interpreted differently by the real 'Alt-Right', since the identification of somebody with us naturally makes that person go up in our esteem: 'The mass media says he is like us, so he must be good'. Thus, for example, all the 'God Emperor' meme stuff of that time period. Furthermore, people who are viewed as bad by the mass media and the masses in general also seem to go up in our esteem, for example, all the anti-Putin and anti-Orban bullshit makes us like them a little bit more rather than less: there's the (usually correct) idea that if our enemies hate someone, they must be doing something right.

Of course, by 2019 at the latest even the most enthusiastic supporters of a 'Trumpianist-Alt-Right' fusion became very distanced from the Trumpians, and if anything we're at war with them these days.

But, on the topic of entryism, in 2016 just after Trump was elected, I remember a TRS guy who called himself 'Ghost' who did the stupid thing of showing his face on YouTube, and if I remember rightly, at the same time trying to get into the Republican Party. Unsurprisingly, he got himself doxxed and totally disappeared from the scene altogether. So there were at least some people (this guy and a few others at TRS) at the time who switched their opinion on the way forward to entryism, and that was the fault of Trump's rise and, in particular, of the mass media making him seem excessively 'bad' and 'fascistic' to the hoi polloi (which we naturally reinterpret as adding to, rather than subtracting from, a person's worth).

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Jesus, I hope Europeans are next.

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Europeans are way ahead.

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I am asking this from ignorance:

Even brits? They seem to be so cucked. And now their new prime minister is some liberal woman as far as i know. It was either her or some smelly indian.

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You're right about the Brits.

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As long as feral animals are allowed to vote, there’s not much chance. Universal suffrage was invented to fuck the intelligent.

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how does it work in America for smaller parties? i know that run for the federal congress/senate is quite a task, but there's room for some serious political action at the states level? Like, there are multiple parties running for officies?

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No idea, they're not registered as a party yet either.

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It’s pretty abysmal. I attempted to promote the Constitution Party for many years, tried the Libertarians for a couple and knew members of A3P. The entire system from top to bottom assumes you’re going to register as a candidate for one of the two parties and punishes you if you don’t. In my state and many large urban ones, you may not even get ballot access if you say you’re part of a third party that is too small and there’s few safeguards that your write-in will be accurately recorded (strict rules for how it must be written, dubious oversight.) Some rural states have a less obstructionist process, so while you almost never see a third party candidate in my area that isn’t Libertarian or Green, you may see it in, say, Montana. But they know that’s not going to be commonly used. Hence, why you see so many American political factions that aren’t Democrat or Republican trying to shove themselves under those labels.

Non-electoral will unfortunately have more relevance for many years to come. Even for more electorally organized factions this is the case. My local Libertarian Party has multiple meetings each week, tries to swarm events by other groups and flexes it’s muscles significantly largely by staying out of the electoral process and focusing on agitation. When I was a Constitution activist, they never wanted to build a culture or think beyond theory. They never took off because they were conservatives in the weakest, most retreat oriented sense and with competition from MAGA are perhaps finally dead. A3P had similar issues because it was run by a fairly aloof, old school conservative style bunch (ex. Sunic), though people did pamphlet and agitate on a small scale. From these examples, even without the ideological background that Nationalism should be a fighting creed, we can see where NJP is succeeding because like the most passionate Libertarians it is acting as though it has a Total view of life that requires action and camaraderie. More importantly, it’s call to action is existential, we win or we’re over.

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That sounds pretty bad. The American electoral system appears to be worse than I thought.

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At least a relatively small minority can try to get relevant inside the main party and actually rule the country.

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If you are referring to the Republicans, I do not think something like that is possible.

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If you're willing to kill for positions of power, then it is certainly possible for a large group of whites.

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No not really, the more straightforward path is to essentially propagandize prominent party members into thinking your policy points are more popular than they actually are and pressure them into embracing them.

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That is also hard to do in the West, since there's a general consensus among politicians across both the left and the right that nationalism should be rejected. I am not sure I would even want mainstream politicians to embrace nationalism, though. They'd only use it opportunistically, just like with everything else.

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Also makes no sense because who has more money, working class Joe-schmo local racist group, or Mr. Shekelberg? Politicians do what they're paid to do, not what they think is popular.

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I think it's much more practical in the US for extremist ideologies to organize as influence groups than as actual political parties. Not that I'm a Nick Fuentes supporter but the way he's organizing is more relevant to the American political landscape than groups like PF or NJP who are basically copying things that work in Europe but not America. He's seemingly taking inspiration from some of the work that far left pressure groups have done over the last half century.

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I couldn’t quite get what Jazzhands was saying yesterday. What am I supposed to do? Get something?