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The part where Ariel says "we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" had me literally shaking

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A lot of people here in Southamerica are calling here the Sirenigger.

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You're from South America? Interesting.

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Why did they make Ariel a nigger?

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I support this movie, it makes black little girls happy and it makes white people aware of how evil the race traitors, jews and blacks are. Any blatant ZOG propaganda they shit out is a net positive for us, they're not subversive as movies which are considered classics and they makes our job easier.

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I support this movie

So do I. I want little girls to ask their mommies "why is Ariel black?" or "why does Ariel look like that?". I want white moms to dig deep to reconcile their inner desire to be uncomfortable with the negrolatry that is being shoved in the face of their children.

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I am fine with them having their own representation in their own communities, outside of ours.

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I mean every single ad is just black people, so one movie in particular doesn't change it that much. I'm saying that ZOG should keep up their work of excluding white people, people will see their mere existence is under attack. I wish they made a movie with black Jesus.

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I wish they made a movie with black Jesus.

We are getting there. Give it time.

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Best comment section since the Santa Inc. trailer. But what's great is that they haven't shut it down.

One thing that you notice is that almost all groids are in favour of it (because of their ethnocentrism) whereas all the other races are overwhelmingly against it. Most commenters seem to be nonwhite, so seeing all these Hispanics, Asians and Muslims pile in on this Afrocentric shit is hilarious. It's groids v. almost everyone else.

I've probably left a hundred comments, mostly directed at the low-IQ hateful niggers who are defending cultural appropriation of a Danish work for racial reasons.

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Elsewhere it seems they are fighting back hard. How many viral tweets I see in favor of the casting choice, or calling conservatives racist for opposing this.

I don't know how cons would be considered racist though if they simply oppose this but are not fully onboard with the alt-right on race.

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Is the actress who plays her an anti white?

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She said "yes" to the role. Of course she's anti-white.

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Excellent point.

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Race swapping is the face of the problem, but this is a bastardization of an already shameless cashgrab. People know the Disney remakes are shifty, but shitting it up further with a nog replacing a beloved character is a step too far.

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They would have made more money with a white Ariel. This is yet another end zone celebration for them.

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If I were to imagine Ariel as a real life woman, I would think go either My Smash in her day or a doppelganger of Judi Gibbs the Penthouse Pet and high class hooker Bill Clinton probably had killed...

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insert your own niggers can't swim joke here:

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I saw on /pol someone was crowdfunding to finish the movie from his deepfake scene where he replaced Arielai'sh-a with some hot White ginger.

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As far as I remember the guy that made the deepfake said that it will take the AI software he's using around 24hrs to convert the entire movie. It looked that he had the intention to release it.

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Local media keep on telling us how happy negro girls are that the little mermaid looks like them, which means ugly and chimpish.