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The United Kikedom strikes again.

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Given that they've been through Cameron, May, BoJo and Truss since 2010, I don't think that he will last too long. For starters, how is he is supposed to succeed on the issues that led both BoJo and Truss to lose too much support? For all we know, he might be gone in a few months after he fails to work the miracles they seem to be demanding, i.e. to seriously get them back up in the polls (Labour is getting up to around 56% in some recent polls, with the Tories sinking to around 20%—as inaccurate as polling can be, such dramatic changes can't be dismissed). And that leads to my second point.

This is all because people actually voted for a Right-wing government and keep getting these losers that keep going to the Centre to Centre-Left in practice. Do these utter idiots not understand that if people wanted a Centre or Left government, they would have voted LibDem and Labour far more than they actually did? But because power lies on the Centre-Left (where most of the mass media sit, for example) and these cowards know it, these idiots all instinctively go there so that The Guardian might call them less nasty names such as Fash-cyst and Naht-zee for a time (as if it matters: Guardianistas and the other more idiotic peoples of Britain strongly believe that the Tories are Far-Right fascists, literal Hitlers, as laughable as that seems, and nothing will change their mind on that).

Meanwhile, Labour has gone from its biggest loss in history due to being considered too extreme Left under the Corbynites, to presenting a more united and rather 'Blairite' Centre-Left front under Starmer. The Tories seem to be doing everything they possibly can to sink their own 2025 re-election chances.

If there's anyone sane left in the Tories (fat chance), surely they can see the obvious answer to beating Starmer's Labour: How about putting an actual conservative in power, who at the very least seriously lowers immigration, who reindustrializes (seemingly a popular talking point, one to which a paleocon or Right-Gaullist like Zemmour clung to in France), and who continues to distance Britain from the EU? The things that people voted Leave for, which should have told you what many if not still a majority want? The problem, of course, is that I can't see a single person like this anywhere near power. Instead, it's a bunch of uninspiring careeristic, economistic, non-ideological types: hardly what less conservative Tories want, let alone more ideological and principled ones. If I were British, I obviously wouldn't have voted for any of these people, because I never have and never will vote for a Leftish or centrist 'conservative', with a Zemmour-style CivNat or paleocon as far Leftward as I'm even remotely willing to consider (which is as Rightmost as I can vote for in my own country). That is, not Cameron (fag marriage, opposition to Brexit, betrayed his promise to lower immigration and actually increased it), May (constant talk about governing 'from the centre' and her verbal condemnations of 'nationalists'), BoJo, Truss or Sunak. No sufficiently paleocon Tory in Downing Street, no vote: it would go back to whichever third-parties are to their Right.

And, indeed, anything short of that and many High Tories will be staying home, and many Red Tory/Blue Labour Leftish to centrist types will be seeing Starmer's Labour as sufferable enough to replace a series of unstable Tory governments. After all, with Corbyn gone, the same mass media who sunk Labour last election because Corbyn's insufficient support of Israel led the usual zhiddish and/or Zionist types to hysterically call him an 'anti-Semite' will by and large be on Labour's side next election. The Tories have lost that big media advantage that aided BoJo's decisive victory in 2019.

Starmer just needs to keep his philosemite + Blairite combination going, and too many of the less committed Tories will say that Starmer is sufferable enough to be like David Cameron, i.e. someone who less committed and more centrist Red Tories/Blue Labour types accepted, and too many High Tories will stay home in early 2025, leading to a dramatic Labour comeback possibly even eclipsing BoJo's 2019 decisive victory.

In conclusion, I don't think this Sunak character will be worth much even for less committed or ideological Tories, swing voters, etc., and as one moves further Rightward, I think there's even less support to be found. But the Tories also have no one obviously better to replace him with.

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CertifiedRabbi, is that you?

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Symbolic takeover, i believe.

Brits deserve to disappear.

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Do we? Where are you from exactly that’s so wonderful?

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Tel Aviv or New York I'd imagine

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What's Rishi's stance on immigration?

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Doors wide open, as many Indians replacing the middle class as possible

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Dal bhat so tasty!

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Is he even a CivNat or social conservative?

I'm not seeing how anyone could think that he's an improvement over the four Tory leaders Britain has had over the past 12 years.

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No he's just a pure capitalist who thinks everything is solved through austerity to make whites poorer, opening of markets, selling off whatever is left of public property to private sector.

If he gets his way we'll have toll booths on every road due to privatisation lol

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Sue Braverman was Truss’s cabinet minister in charge of immigration and by mainstream standards she was considered a hardliner, which upset Jewish power. She was sacked even before Truss and replaced by a pro mass immigration zionist Jew named grant Shapps, in an attempt by Truss to save her career by appealing to said Jewish power. In the end it wasnt enough, but of course Shapps will remain in his cabinet post.

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Don't know, don't care. Do you know what Indians are saying about this?

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This would make me vote for independence if the SNP weren’t just as bad…